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Slate of Candidates Announced for 2021 AACE Board Elections

by AACE International | Nov 12, 2020

A slate of candidates is being released for the 2021 AACE International Board of Directors election for the offices of President-Elect and for Vice President – Administration. Also, several AACE Regions will be electing a Director-Region for seats on the AACE Membership Board. Candidates will be elected in Regions 3, 5, 6, 8, 10. The AACE bylaws mandate that the membership be notified of the official slate no later than Nov. 15. Members then have the option to add candidates by petition through Dec. 15. Guidelines allow candidates to have posted a biography and goals/objectives for their respective offices.  Annual AACE International elections are conducted electronically from Feb. 1 through 4 p.m. on March 15.

For the AACE International Board of Directors, two candidates are vying for the office of President-Elect. They are Shoshanna Fraizinger, CCP and Joshua P. (Josh) Rowan, CCP. Two candidates are also vying for Vice President-Administration. The current VP, Scott A. (Gator) Galbraith, PE CFCC, is seeking reelection. Also vying for the office is Mark C. Sanders, PE CCP CFCC PSP.

Three of the five Director-Region seats on the associate Membership Board have individual candidates running unopposed. They include: Director-Region 3, Eric G. Cannon, PSP; Director-Region 5, John Armstrong, PSP; and Director-Region 8, Sankar Subrahmaniyam, EVP

There are two candidates vying for Director-Region 6 and three candidates for the one seat as Director-Region 10. In Region 6, Dr. Kamran Hazini, P.Eng., CCP PSP and Norman Melendres are the candidates. In Region 10, David Chigne, Carlos Ortega and Piero G. Anticona Tello are the three candidates

Candidates are listed alphabetically using information they provided on their submitted nomination forms under the categories of bios and of goals and objectives. There has been limited editing of the submitted information to keep each submission within allowable space limitations.

Adding Candidates by Petition

The AACE Bylaws provide the membership the option to petition to add candidates. This option is rarely used. The Bylaws, Article II, Section 4, reads: “Other nominations for the office of Director, or the office of an Officer of the Association, except for the position of Vice President Technical Board, Vice President Education Board and Vice President Certification Board, may be made by petition signed by at least 20 members in good standing. The petitioners shall be responsible for (a) obtaining in writing the agreement of the nominee to serve if elected, (b) securing the biographical data of the nominee, (c) submitting the petitions, the agreement, and the biographical data to be received by the Vice President-Administration no later than December 15th of each year. Each candidate’s name and biographical data shall be made available to the membership no later than December 31st of each year.”

The Nominating Committee will review any petitions to add candidates. Any petition requires certification by AACE International that the required number of valid signatures have been submitted along with required candidate documentation. Candidates must meet requirements to be added by petition and the Nominating Committee has the right to reject any petition which is insufficient. The Nominating Committee can disqualify and not place on the ballot any candidate (including candidates by petition) who for other reasons may not be qualified to officially be listed as a candidate for office.

Click here to review photos of each candidate, along with individual biographies and goals for the office they are seeking.

Voting will run from Feb 1 through 4 p.m. EST on March 15. The newly elected board members will take office immediately prior to the Annual Conference & Expo in June 2021.

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