Approved Education Providers (AEP)

The AACE International Approved Education Provider (AEP) program is designed to provide cost and management professionals and their companies with a means of identifying suitable professional development courses in their geographic area.

What the AEP Program Offers:

  • A Provider approval system with standards to ensure that continuing education programming is serving the needs of potential clients
  • Continuous course improvement through course review and ongoing support from AACE staff
  • Ability to award Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Provider promotion and organizational recognition on the AACE International website


An AACE AEP is entitled to:
  • Publicize its organization as an “AACE International Approved Education Provider”
  • Use the official AEP logo appropriately in registered and approved promotional and course materials consistent with AEP Program policies
  • Promotion on the AACE International website list of Approved Education Providers with a hyperlink to the organization’s website
  • Advertising of an unlimited number of qualified courses in the website list of Approved Education Providers (AEP Directory) 
  • All office locations listed in the website list of Approved Education Providers
  • Limited license to reproduce material
  • Certificate of participation designating your organization as an AEP

Review and Approval and Application Criteria

For a complete overview of the Review and Approval process and the criteria for data submission as part of the application process, please review the AEP Criteria prior to completing the application form.

AEP Audit Program

The AACE International Education Board has the responsibility for ensuring that Approved Education Providers continue to provide quality educational services and adhere to the Canons of Ethics. Because of this, all organizations participating in the AEP program are subject to a no-notice audit at any time. Organizations that fail to adhere to the tenets of the AEP Agreement are subject to removal from the AEP program.

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