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Cost Engineering Journal

The Cost Engineering journal, a bimonthly professional peer-reviewed journal, is an official technical publication of AACE. It features an expanded number of best-in-field technical articles. Each technical article has undergone a rigorous peer review and been presented at an AACE International Conference & Expo for additional vetting by meeting attendees.

Professional Practice Guides

The Professional Practice Guides (PPGs) are compilations containing the most worthwhile contributions to the cost engineering field and the advancement of total cost management. Intended to be comprehensive, well organized, and timely, each PPG is a collection of selected content from AACE resources, covering a particular technical topic area or industry segment. The PPGs provide an excellent source of reference material.

Skills & Knowledge of Cost Engineering

Skills & Knowledge of Cost Engineering, 6th Edition,provides information on a wide range of cost engineering topics and is a valuable resource for professional growth and the pursuit of AACE International certifications. The authors are well-known and well-respected members of the cost engineering community. This publication offers six sections comprising 34 chapters of content on topics such as cost estimating, project planning, value engineering, strategic asset management, and more.

Cost Engineers' Notebook

Since 1963, the Cost Engineers’ Notebook has been a key reference for cost engineers globally. It is a collection of cost engineering related articles published by AACE International and has been updated and expanded with new material, which includes over 600 technical articles and papers covering the following topics:

- Total Cost Management
- Economic Analysis and Business Planning
- Decision-Making and Risk Management
- Cost Engineering
- Cost Estimating
- Planning and Scheduling
- Project Controls
- Progress and Performance Measurement
- Change Management and Forecasting
- Benchmarking and Historical Data Collection
- Project Management
- Skills and Knowledge, and Enabling Practices

Certification Study Guides

Part of the recommended study materials for each of the AACE certifications includes a study guide pertaining to that credential. Each study guide has been developed to aid professionals wishing to pursue an AACE certification and summarize topics considered central to each certification's examination.

Salary and Demographic Survey

Published annually, the Salary and Demographic Survey of Project and Cost Professionals provides comprehensive salary and wage information correlating demographics such as job function, type and level of education, years of experience, company size, certifications held, and more.

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