Headquarters Staff

Director, Governance, Marketing, and Meetings
Jennie Amos
+1.304.2968444 x1106

The Director, Governance, Marketing, and Meetings manages the annual Conference & Expo and all other AACE events. She supports the Board of Directors and is the staff liaison for the Awards Committee and the Women in Project Controls Committee. Jennie also maintains the registered service marks of AACE. She can be contacted for association and Section marketing materials, and for questions on the AACE-News (electronic newsletter), surveys, or regarding any of the specialty committees/task forces.

Business Development Coordinator
Joanna Boggs
+1.304.2968444 x1122

The Business Development Coordinator manages the advertising and sales for AACE’s publications (Cost Engineering journal and Source magazine), exhibits and sponsorship for all AACE events including the Conference & Expo, sponsorship of AACE webinars, and AACE website banner ads.

Senior Accounting Assistant
Molly Burrow
+1.304.2968444 x1118

The Senior Accounting Assistant, under the direction of the Director, Accounting and Administration, is responsible for reconciling and reporting all cash receipts, accounts receivable, and revenue deferrals.  Molly prepares corporate invoices, posts batch transactions, and is responsible for maintaining records of Section Minimum Standards compliance and remittance documentation as well as general cash disbursements.

Technical Operations Coordinator
Greg Carte
+1.304.2968444 x1116

The Technical Operations Coordinator provides support and assistance to the IT department. He also assists the Technical Guidance department in the preparation and editing of technical documents.

Managing Editor
Marvin Gelhausen
+1.304.2968444 x1111

The Managing Editor oversees the production of AACE electronic and print publications, including the peer-reviewed Cost Engineering journal and Source online. He works with staff on each new edition of volunteer authored study guides and AACE body of knowledge publications, taking these from draft format to digital pdf downloads or print-on-demand publications. He can be contacted with questions or assistance on copyright, permission to use requests, reprint authorizations, submission of abstracts and manuscripts, and any customer service questions related to publications. Marvin works with candidates for the annual AACE election, preparing candidate information for posting with the online ballot.

Director, Technical Guidance
Christian Heller
+1.304.2968444 x1117

The Director, Technical Guidance serves as the staff liaison to the Technical Board. Contact Christian if you are looking for sources of technical information and/or support, have questions about the technical program at the AACE International Conference & Expo, or our discussion communities.

Manager, Member Engagement
Mary Kathryn Jackson, CAE
+1.304.2968444 x1123

The Manager, Member Engagement is responsible for co-creating and implementing strategies to increase awareness of and participation in AACE programs, products, and services. Mary Kathryn oversees volunteer development, supports sections and their leaders, and initiates best practices for our Communities. She is the staff liaison for the Membership Advisory Committee.

Manager, Education
Teri Jefferson, CMP
+1.304.2968444 x1120

Our Manager, Education is responsible for management of the Approved Education Provider (AEP) program, the Mentoring Program, and the Scholarship program, while overseeing the day-to-day operations of AACE International education products and programs. The Manager, Education also serves as the staff liaison to the Education Board and is responsible for ensuring education products and programs are in compliance with the policies and procedures set forth by the Education Board. Teri should be contacted for questions or issues related to these areas.

Director, Accounting and Administration
Janice L. Johnson, CPA
+1.304.2968444 x1107

The Director, Accounting and Administration leads the development, implementation, and administration of AACE’s financial and human resource systems. She oversees operations of the association in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, applicable legal requirements, and established policies and procedures. Janice supports the Board of Directors related to the financial and tax affairs of the association.

Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer
Debra L. Lally, CAE
+1.304.2968444 x1102

The Executive Director/CEO serves as the chief staff officer and works in partnership with the Board of Directors fulfilling AACE International’s mission to be the recognized authority in Total Cost Management. She oversees the association headquarters and staff, providing strategic and operational leadership. Deb serves alongside the President as a spokesperson for AACE.

Member Services Coordinator
Gina Mazzetti
+1.304.2968444 x1105

Our Member Services Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the individual and organizational membership programs. She is the resident expert for navigating the membership application and dues renewals process, in addition to maintaining member records and section leadership election results. Gina should be contacted for any questions or issues related to these areas or general information.

Credentialing Analyst
Sara Peters
+1.304.2968444 x1110

Our Credentialing Analyst is responsible for the overall administration of technician level certifications (CCT & CST) and managing the recertification program for all professional and expertise certifications (CCP, CEP, CFCC, DRMP, EVP, PRMP & PSP). Sara should be contacted for any questions or issues related to the technician certification or recertification process.

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Manager, Information Technology
Ryan Schwertfeger
+1.304.2968444 x1119

The Manager, Information Technology oversees all IT functions at headquarters and handles the association's website and AMS functions.

Senior Credentialing Analyst
Valerie Smith
+1.304.2968444 x1112

Our Senior Credentialing Analyst manages and supervises the day-to-day operations of the certification program. She is our resident expert in examination eligibility verification for professional and expertise certifications (CCP, CEP, CFCC, DRMP, EVP, PRMP & PSP) and works closely with the examination teams of the Certification Board to ensure optimal coordination of technical papers, specialty memos, and essays. Valerie should be contacted for any questions or issues related to the professional and expertise certification process.

Director, Certification and Membership
Penny Whoolery, ICE-CCP
+1.304.2968444 x1104

Our Director, Certification and Membership is responsible for the overall management of the certification and membership programs. She serves as the staff liaison to the Certification Board and the AACE International representative to the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB). She is responsible for program efficiency and accuracy and ensuring compliance with policies and procedures set forth by the Certification Board, accreditation agencies, and the Association’s Board of Directors. Contact Penny for any questions or issues related to these areas.

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