Salary and Demographic Survey

For companies looking to stay competitive and professionals contemplating career moves, access to accurate compensation information is essential. To track this key data, AACE conducts an annual survey exploring compensation levels. The Salary and Demographic Survey of Project and Cost Professionals provides salary and wage information correlating demographics such as job function, type and level of education, years of experience, company size, certifications held, and more.

Whether you want comprehensive data for organizational benchmarking or information on specific positions to help you in a job search or career planning, there is an option for you.

Approximately 1200 people completed the 2021 survey which showed that average full-time base salaries increased 2.1% from 2020. And about 22% of respondents changed employers in the past year. Taking an active role in your professional development, including involvement with AACE, can pay off:

  • AACE members average $6k more than non-members.

  • AACE certification earns on average $8k more than without.

  • Those who have attended an AACE Conference & Expo earn $14k more than those who have not.

  • Individuals who have presented a technical paper at an AACE Conference & Expo earn $30k more than those who have not.

  • Contributors to an AACE recommended practice earn $6k more.

The survey results, along with the raw data set, are available free to AACE members. Non-members may purchase a copy of the survey results.

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