Get Involved – Volunteer for AACE

Volunteers are essential to AACE’s growth and development. Shape the future of AACE and play an important role by helping to advance the profession. AACE offers a variety of ways for our members to get involved, from short-term volunteer projects to committee and board service. With every new volunteer, AACE grows more energized and better equipped to reach our common goals. We encourage you to deepen your engagement with AACE. Volunteer today!

Volunteer Levels

  • Micro-volunteer or ad hoc involvement: Short-term assignments that are specific tasks.
  • Associate Board, Committee, or Subcommittee leadership: Serve in a role on an associate board, committee, or subcommittee. May involve in-person meetings and a longer time commitment.   
  • Governance/Board of Directors: Elected positions for the policy making board, significant time and effort over an extended period. 

Associate Boards, Committees, or Subcommittees 

  • Technical Board: The Technical Board is responsible for establishing the scope and definition of cost engineering, approving the association’s recommended practices, overseeing the technical program of the annual Conference & Expo, and facilitating the development of technical products and activities. 
  • Technical Subcommittees: AACE has several technical subcommittees, each dedicated to a specific functional area, such as cost estimating or planning & scheduling, and provide an online network of members to discuss ideas and to help AACE build its vast body of knowledge. 
  • Education Board: The Education Board is responsible for approving educational standards and developing educational programs and materials.  
  • Certification Board: The Certification Board administers the certification programs, writes examination questions, and evaluates the performance of test takers. Volunteers must be AACE certified with a current professional or expertise level certification. 
  • Membership Advisory Committee (MAC): The purpose of the MAC is to ensure that AACE delivers value to members, maintains relevance in the industry, and promotes the growth of its global membership. 
  • Women in Project Controls Committee (WPC): The WPC supports and raises awareness of AACE to other women in the industry and aims to increase their visibility in leadership roles. 
  • Rising Professionals Committee (RPC): The RPC provides insight and recommendations to create a foundation for AACE’s value to younger individuals who are rising in their careers in total cost management. 

Micro-Volunteer & Ad Hoc Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Speaking at section events: Participate as a speaker in section events.  
  • Online community volunteer: Help AACE develop the online community platform. The time commitment is minimal and dependent upon your schedule. You will be asked to help answer questions, provide feedback, and develop community content.  
  • Mentor: Mentors are encouraged to share their expertise, insight, and experiences to help a mentee succeed in their own career. Mentoring offers an enriching experience for both parties, providing an opportunity to give back to the community while learning, growing as a leader, and enhancing professional skills.  
  • Grader for certification exam: Review the written portion of a certification exam. To participate as a certification grader, you must be first certified in the grader pool for which you want to serve. 
  • Item writing for certification exam: Participate as an item writer to help grow the question bank for the certification exams. You must be certified in that level in order to submit questions for review and approval.
  • Technical paper reviewer: Contribute to AACE publications by becoming a technical paper reviewer. Technical papers are published in Transactions and presented at the AACE Conference & Expo. To be a technical paper reviewer you must have strong technical skills and be a proficient writer. Preferably experienced in writing technical papers for the ConEx. 
  • Writing an article for Source: Excited about an AACE program? Used something you learned in an RP spotlight webinar at your job? Create content to be published in Source.  
  • RP contributor: Recommended Practices (RPs) are aligned with the Total Cost Management Framework and establish the technical foundation for AACE educational and certification products and services. RPs provide technical reference information, vetted by a rigorous review process, regarding specific competency areas. 
  • Social media contributor: Help build AACE’s social media following by being a dedicated contributor.  
  • Meeting room host at the annual Conference & Expo: Introduce the presenter and facilitate discussions as a meeting room host.  
  • Present at local university or career fair: Want to share in spreading the word about AACE to students and young professionals? Sign up to engage with a local university.  
  • Course reviewer: Help make AACE educational courses more successful and volunteer to review our interactive learning courses. 
  • Content developer for education products: Develop educational products for AACE which include certification preparation materials, instructor-led training, and on-demand professional development courses. 
  • Webinar host or presenter: AACE webinars present on a variety of topics to enhance industry and technical knowledge. Common topics are RP spotlights, product updates and developments, and sponsored content. Volunteer to be a host or presenter. 
  • Writing a technical paper: Submit an abstract for a technical paper to be considered for inclusion in the ConEx technical program.