John K. Hollmann, PE CCP CEP DRMP FAACE Hon. Life



Looking back on the 1990s, as with most young professionals, my mind was going a mile a minute with ideas to improve things. At work, there are boundaries limiting what a mid-tier engineer can accomplish. However, at AACE International I discovered vast opportunities to put my ideas and abilities to work. Efforts at AACE are largely unbounded by time (my own at mostly my own pace) and welcomed by others. That is not to say one has free rein; debates as to what to "recommend" are challenging. Some avoid conflict, but I found that debate, as uncomfortable as it can get, forced me to learn more. One thing I learned is not to view RPs as a document memorializing one's deep experience. I sought out practice areas that I wanted to learn more about. For example, upon completing the TCM Framework in 2006, I identified risk management as a gap in AACE's library, so I launched an effort to fill that gap for AACE. I was not recognized as a risk "expert" then; I am now. My advice to future contributors is to view RP development as a huge opportunity to study and learn (including learning to write - an extraordinarily valuable skill). Start by reviewing RPs; finding gaps, spotting improvements, posting comments in the Communities. If you see a place for a new RP, propose it to the Community, and go from there.


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