Types of Membership Offered

Membership is open to anyone and we have a plan to fit your needs!

AACE dues are pro-rated. All rates show are based on the full year rate (January-December.)


Regular Membership

Regular Member

$185 + $10 application fee
This is the base AACE membership for any individual. Regular Members receive all of the benefits of AACE International.


COMP Membership

COMP Member  (Group Membership)

$1600 (includes 10 individual members) + $95 application fee – additional members can be added to the COMP roster for $160/member

The Corporate & Organizational Membership Program (COMP) is a package of benefits designed to encourage companies to develop the skills of their employees through AACE membership. The COMP membership starts at 10 paid employee memberships with the option of adding more members at a discounted rate from regular membership. If a company wishes to join as a COMP but has fewer than 10 members, they will pay the same base rate regardless of the number of employees that join AACE.

The individual members on the COMP roster receive the same benefits as Regular Members.



MSAMP Membership

MSAMP Member (Military Service Appreciation Membership Program)

$0 – one time only

An individual who has been honorably discharged from a recognized armed forces branch within the past two years may apply for the MSAMP. The MSAMP Membership is free from the start date of the individual’s membership until December 31st of the year the MSAMP application is received.



Student Membership

Student Member

$40 + $10 application fee

An individual enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student in a college or university who is taking a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester is eligible to join at the Student Member rate.  Full time graduate students enrolled in a study pertaining to total cost management are also eligible to join at the Student Member rate.

Student Member benefits are delivered electronically and students must reapply annually to receive the Student Member rate.




“AACE has provided significant value to my professional development. The monthly and Annual Meetings have allowed me to network with professionals, learn what others are doing in project controls, and allowed me to publish my work. The CCP professional certification has opened many doors to advance my professional career.”

- Dr. Carla Lopez del Puerto, CCP
Associate Professor
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico