2024 ConEx Call for Papers

Call for Papers


We are now accepting abstracts for our 2024 Conference & Expo, June 16 – June 18 at Signia by Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

To submit an abstract of a proposed paper click here.
 The Call for Papers is open until August 31, 2023


To present a paper at an AACE Conference & Expo, an abstract of the proposed paper must be submitted on the abstract form with the call for papers.

If your abstract is accepted, your full manuscript/paper will be due no later than January 31.


An abstract of approximately 100 to 200 words must be submitted on the form provided here. If possible, develop the abstract by addressing the major aspects of your paper as described below. 

Summarize the scope and nature of the work upon which the paper is based. Note the relative emphasis of the paper on either research work or practical applications for projects. 

Describe the results presented in the paper and state specific conclusions of your work. Describe how these differ from results or conclusions of previous work on the same or similar subjects. Papers may not contain actual intellectual property data and must focus on developing and describing concepts for practicing total cost management professionals. In general, this is not an appropriate forum for academic papers that are highly theoretical. Papers centered on commercial products or endorsements will not be accepted. 

The abstract must be articulate and concise or it will be rejected. It is important that your abstract is well written; it provides the reviewers a critical first impression of what to expect. 

Acceptance of your abstract is not a guarantee that your paper will be accepted; the technical evaluation/peer review of your paper will determine whether or not your paper will be accepted for the technical program of the meeting. 

Request employer approval and funding early; if your paper is accepted you will be required to register for the meeting within two weeks, or we reserve the right to withdraw your submittal. 

If you have any questions e-mail us at transactions@aacei.org.

To submit an abstract of a proposed paper click here.
 The Call for Papers is open until August 31, 2023

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