DRMP Certification

May 16, 2024: Our current certification application system will shut down on June 14, 2024 in order for us to prepare for transition to a new system on June 27, 2024. As a result, new applications will not be accepted during this time. Stay tuned for more information. If you have any questions, please contact us at certification@aacei.org.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • 4-year college or university degree*
  • 4 years of industry related experience
  • 4 years of experience (does not need to be continuous) directly related to the field of decision and risk management, with at least 18 months of recent experience required, demonstrated by providing any combination of the following:
    • Three (3) letters of recommendation from a client (past or present) describing the complexity of the project, type of risk management implemented on the project, and the candidate’s role in the implementing or providing such risk management services. All letters submitted must include the duration of time the candidate actually spent in tasks related to decision and risk management. If 3 letters of recommendation and no work products are submitted, those durations must sum to 4 years of combined experience.
    • Three (3) work products personally produced by the candidate that demonstrates having performed any aspect of the risk management work (decision analysis, schedule and cost risk analyses, implementation of risk management programs, risk workshops, etc.) on his or her projects to sum 4 years. The candidate must demonstrate that he or she was the primary author/contributor in developing the work product. Merely being a junior-level participant or member of a larger team without being the lead is not adequate demonstration of a senior-level practitioner. NOTE: A candidate may provide a total of three (3) letters of recommendation or three (3) work products, or combine two (2) letters of recommendation and one (1) work product, or one (1) letter of recommendation and two (2) work products, etc.

Depending on the combination that works for your application, keep in mind that at least one recommendation letter or one work product must demonstrate recent experience within the past 18 months.

*Applicant may substitute a 4-year of college degree with an additional 4 years of industry related experience or one of the following professional certifications: AACE’s CCP; CEP; EVP; PSP; Certified Construction Manager (CCM); Certified Professional Constructor (CPC); Professional engineer (PE); Registered Architect (RA); or Chartered Surveyor.

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Please note: we are not currently accepting new DRMP examination applications at this time. The apply now button is deactivated. 

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The only prerequisite for an AACE International examination is meeting the above eligibility requirements. Candidates are never required to purchase or participate in training offered by AACE International, AACE International Certification Institute, or any AACE-affiliated companies as a prerequisite for certification. Candidates are also not required to purchase study materials offered by AACE International. However, many candidates find the study guides and other recommended resources helpful in their certification preparation. The following recommended resources are available for you to purchase and use at your discretion.

DRMP Examination Investment

While AACE membership is not required for certification, members receive the benefit of reduced examination fees.

  • US$250 application fee for members, followed by US$400 examination fee
    Total investment of US$650 for members
  • US$300 application fee for non-members, followed by US$465 examination fee
    Total investment of US$765 for non-members
  • US$260 resit fee (member and non-members)

All fees are due upon submission of an application and are non-refundable. The fee includes our eligibility documentation review and computer based testing (CBT) fee.

Helpful Pre-Check Information

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Online Proctored Exam System Requirements

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Exam Structure

  • 5 hours maximum
  • 119 simple, multiple and compound scenario questions
  • 1 memo writing assignment where the candidate will choose from an onscreen list of suggested scenarios and will write a response in an onscreen text box
  • Closed Book
  • Any style, battery operated calculator permitted (not provided by the testing center)

Earning the Certification

  • An overall average score of 70% or higher is needed to pass the exam
  • The final exam result is arrived by averaging the score of all four domains:
    Ex: Domain 1: 69% (fail domain) + Domain 2: 70% (pass domain) + Domain 3: 65% (fail domain) + and Domain 4: 76% (pass domain) / 4 domains = average score of 70% (pass the exam)
Please note that it is the policy of the Certification Board, in accordance with our accreditation authority, to release results on a Pass or Fail basis only; therefore, no individual scores will be given.

Recertification & Maintenance

DRMP certification is valid for 3 years and must be recertified through the accumulation of 12 CEUs in at least two categories or reexamination. Click here to learn more about recertification. 

To remain strong and responsive to the needs of certified members and other cost professionals, the public, and AACE International Certification Institute, our certification programs solicit input from all interested individuals and organizations as to the policies and procedures used in administering the Association’s certification programs. Please address any comments you may have regarding the administration of certification programs to the Certification Board via e-mail to certification@aacei.org or via U.S. mail at Certification Board, AACE International, 726 East Park Avenue #180, Fairmont, WV 26554 USA