Certification Application Instructions

Completing your application is simple once you understand the certification application process. Here is step-by-step guidance to assist you in this important first step:
1. Meet Minimum Eligibility

Every examination candidate must prove they can meet the minimum eligibility requirements of their desired certification. The candidate will upload all pertinent documentation within the online application as prompted. For a smooth and quick experience, we advise candidates to gather all information prior to starting the application process – although it is not required since you are able to return to the application as often as necessary to finalize the application.

  • Technician level (CCT & CST) certification eligibility requirements can be found here.
  • Professional level (CCP, CEP, EVP, PRMP, & PSP) certification eligibility requirements can be found here.
  • Expertise level (CFCC, DRMP) certification eligibility requirements can be found here.

2. Create an Application

Once you’ve determined that you can meet the eligibility requirements, you may proceed with creating an application by logging in to your AACE profile (NOTE: If you do not already have an AACE profile, you will be prompted to create one). 

From within your AACE profile select “Certification Exam Application” from the Certification Options menu located on the bottom, left-hand side:

Certification Application Menu

Once the exam is created, you will follow the various menu prompts associated to the certification examination.
3. Application Submission and Payment
You are able to submit your application when you receive all check marks for each requirement under the Status Review tab. 

Certification Application All Check Status

An X indicates there is a problem with the specified requirement; you must go back to the referenced area and correct the error.

Certification Application X Status
You cannot submit and pay for your application until all requirements have been satisfied by the system. If you reach a point where you do not have the information required, or you’re unable to finish the process, you may simply exit the application and your documentation will be saved to resume at a later time.
4. Submit & Pay

Once all requirements have been met, the “Submit>Checkout” menu will display, which will allow you pay the certification fee and submit your application to certification staff for review. 

Certification Application SubmitCheckout

5. Application Review
Upon submitting application your status will show that you are in Staff Review. This means your application is being reviewed to ensure that all eligibility requirements are met before providing clearance to schedule your examination; if there is a problem you will be notified. This may take up to 45 days, depending on the complexity of your application requirements or level of applications being processed.
6. Examination Clearance
Once you have been cleared to sit for your exam, you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your exam at a Kryterion testing center. You will have six months from the date of clearance to take your exam up to three (3) times, two (2) at a reduced fee.

To remain strong and responsive to the needs of certified members and other cost professionals, the public, and AACE International Certification Institute, our certification programs solicit input from all interested individuals and organizations as to the policies and procedures used in administering the Association’s certification programs. Please address any comments you may have regarding the administration of certification programs to the Certification Board via e-mail to certification@aacei.org or via U.S. mail at Certification Board, AACE International, 726 East Park Avenue #180, Fairmont, WV 26554 USA



"AACE has allowed me to prove my skills and knowledge. The professional certifications are a great way to separate yourself from the crowd and acknowledge your skillset in a manner that employers, colleagues and government agencies can recognize."

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