“Since joining AACE in 1985, the Association has helped make me successful professionally. The work I put into AACE has been more than beneficial in terms of a return on that investment and it is easy to support the Association as a result, including donations to the Education Fund. Lots of great friends and mentors have made it a true family who are there to support me.

Please consider a meaningful donation to AACE. The funds will be put to good use in the development of products and services that will not only help advance your career, but also develop the next generation of cost engineering professionals.”  

-- Donald McDonald, CCP PSP

Our Future

AACE International advances your career - and total cost management. We invest in you through quality technical products, educational opportunities, and accredited certification programs. In 2021, AACE is advancing activities further still with:

  • improved communications
  • enhanced member benefits
  • updated educational programs

Support the future of your profession!


Education Fund

AACE International’s Education Fund is a special purpose program that includes a financial investment vehicle and repository whose income proceeds are used to support significant educational programs. The Education Fund is a long term program for the advancement of the art of cost engineering education and knowledge. The fund is managed and promoted by AACE’s Education Board, which is responsible for the planning and recommendation of programs. 

Two general types of programs may be supported within the auspices of the Education Fund:

  1. Education-related programs supported by Education Fund proceeds; and
  2. Programs initiated and supported by monies provided by an outside source for a specific project.


2021 Donors

Thank you, 2021 Donors!

Mohammed Abbas Ali, Sr.
Ahmed Mohsen Hassan Eid Abdelmageed
Isola Adebola Adediran
Jose Luis Aguirre
Nimoe Ahmadi
Amr Nabil Ahmed
Andrew Ainsworth
Mohammed D. Aljohani, Sr.
Fahd Menawer AlMuteri
Ahmad Rifqi Anda
Mauricio Araneda, Sr.
Mahmoud Salah Eldin Awadalla
Jose Baez, Sr.
Abhimanyu Basu, PE
Paschal Bernard Baugh
Johel Bedoya, Sr.
Brendan Beston
William Michael Birmingham
Glenn Matthew Bordelon
Samuel Allen Budenstein
John Adamu Bwala
Jeffrey Allan Campbell
Don Carlow
Lisa A Castronova
David Chick
Roger J Clements
John J Collins
Keith Corner
Shaun Crawley
John M. Croft
Novzar Jahanbux Dastoor
Rahul Desai
Sandip V Desai
Ann-Maria Duarte
Blake Dwoskin
Hadi Eissa
Ammar El Ammar
Samuel Eleko
Bruce G Elliott
Nora Ashraf Elsheikh
Mohammed Osama Emara
Pieter Engelbrecht
Ahmed Ewida
Antonio Fratangelo
Walter Fremer
Daniel George Frondorf
Ingo GH Gloge
Alexandru Gondosch
Bruce Wayne Greeson
F Sam Griggs, Jr.
Danuta Gryszko
Patrick R Haggerty
David Alan Hamilton, PE
Steve Herston
William Thomas Higgins
Sherman Steven Honeycutt, PE
Natalia Hyde
Michael Ioannou
Muhammad Iqbal
Ibrahim Asheikh Jarma
William Ray Jennings
April Johnson
Michael Kehoe
Dia Khafra
Vinny Kissoon
John Kitella, Sr.
Koji Kumagai
Kojo O Kumi
Karunakaran Kuppachary, Sr.
Jay Lavoie Lavoie
Gregory B Lee
Aaron Joseph Letterly
Gary Love
Michelle Luce-Gilson
Uilleam MacPhee
Ratnapala M Marasinghe
Rafael Marinangelo
Husain Farsan Meera Sahib
Rosalino Efrain Merino
Samir Messiah, PE
Johnny Mfoafo-MCarthy
Kelly Mills
Imran Mirza
Moreetsi George Mogome
Aidan John Moran
Christian Mayer Mozombite, Sr.
John Charles Mulholland
Douglas Bakal Nascimento
Paul Gerard Naughton
Tuyen Thi Kim Nguyen, Jr.
Ebere Sam Nwansi
Carlton G Opel
Neil D Opfer
Melvin K Otteson
Pomphet Paimuang
Nick Papadopoulos
Paulo Pfeifer
Russell Prentice
Warwick Charles Price
Muthumanikandan Ramachandran
Javier Andres Ramirez
Sujatha Ramlal
Juan J Razuri
Mark C Sanders, PE
Pavel Santana Suero, Sr.
Vasanthan Sekar, Mr.
Mujaffer Mujataba Shaikh
Lakshmanan Simhadri, PEng
Ritesh Kumar Singh
Kumar Sinnathamby
Karunakaramurthy Sivamaniarasu
Jeffrey H Skinner
David Smith
William B. Solomon
Sandy Valencia Sporck
Geoffrey W Stokes
Rolle O Studerus
Venkataramani (Ramani) Sundaram
Marthinus Jacobus Swanepoel
Rodel Tuazon Taño
Tunc Taylan
Michael Raymond Tecza
Alejandro Treviño Cansino
Nicolas Vanier
Giovanni Vazzola, PEng
Sara Velayati
John Velez
Joseph M Venditti
Carole Ann Venters
Emiliano Estacio Vinuya, PE
Daniel Vitali
Jesse Walper
Waylon Travis Whitehead
Thomas D Wilson
Anthony M Woodrich
Raychel Zoe Zalocha
Norelle Zanetti
Mohammad Ali Zubair

About AACE

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  3. Once logged in, select "Make a Donation."
  4. Choose “General Donation” or “Education Fund Donation” from the drop down and select the amount.
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