“Since joining AACE in 1985, the Association has helped make me successful professionally. The work I put into AACE has been more than beneficial in terms of a return on that investment and it is easy to support the Association as a result, including donations to the Education Fund. Lots of great friends and mentors have made it a true family who are there to support me.

Please consider a meaningful donation to AACE. The funds will be put to good use in the development of products and services that will not only help advance your career, but also develop the next generation of cost engineering professionals.”  

-- Donald McDonald, CCP PSP

Our Future

AACE International advances your career - and total cost management. We invest in you through quality technical products, educational opportunities, and accredited certification programs. In 2024, AACE will advance activities further still with:

  • improved communications
  • enhanced member benefits
  • updated educational programs

Support the future of your profession!


Education Fund

AACE International’s Education Fund is a special purpose program that includes a financial investment vehicle and repository whose income proceeds are used to support significant educational programs. The Education Fund is a long term program for the advancement of the art of cost engineering education and knowledge. The fund is managed and promoted by AACE’s Education Board, which is responsible for the planning and recommendation of programs. 

Two general types of programs may be supported within the auspices of the Education Fund:

  1. Education-related programs supported by Education Fund proceeds; and
  2. Programs initiated and supported by monies provided by an outside source for a specific project.


About AACE

Donation Instructions:

  1. Select one of the "Donate" buttons on this page to be directed to log in.
  2. Use your AACE credentials to log in.
  3. Once logged in, select "Make a Donation."
  4. Choose “General Donation” or “Education Fund Donation” from the drop down and select the amount.
  5. Fill out your credit card information.
  6. Select the "Donate" button to finalize.

Your Donation May Be Tax Deductible!

Don't just give - deduct! 

By deducting your donations on your tax returns, you can make your donation a win/win! Consult with your tax advisor before claiming any deductions.