AACE helps to promote your certification with a BadgeCert Digital Portfolio!

An AACE BadgeCert portfolio is a cutting edge technique for our credential holders to promote their hard-earned professional achievements. The BadgeCert platform facilitates the recording, issuing, storing and sharing of digital badges to recognize, legitimize and professionalize the achievement of earning an AACE International certification by facilitating digital interaction with clients, colleagues and employers.

All active AACE International certificate holders will be provided, at no charge, an opportunity to digitally deploy a “badge” for each certification earned from AACE International. The digital badge may be embedded in such virtual media as email signatures, web pages, LinkedIn and other social media profiles and other electronic venues. 

To receive your AACE BadgeCert, you must first “opt-in” by clicking here.

Once you receive your digital badge, use the links below for step-by-step instructions to take you through the intuitive process of deploying your AACE digital badge.



BadgeCert is the leader in digital badging and credentialing for training organizations, corporations, associations and universities. Our cloud platform enables organizations to create and issue ”BadgeCerts”—portable digital icons embedded with evidence that verifies an earner’s skills, credentials and continuing education experiences with a single click. Once earned, BadgeCerts can be shared with others on social networking sites, internal corporate profiles, email signatures, digital resumes or websites.