AACE International Fellows

Fellows 01
The Board of Directors has approved these Fellows to AACE International. The membership grade of Fellow is a selective and prestigious honor for the recipients. Approval of Fellow is in recognition of professional attainment and significant accomplishment in cost management or cost engineering. Fellows are designated by the following acronym: FAACE.

The criteria used in awarding Fellow classifications are:

  • Professional attainment based on contributions to the professional advancement of cost management, cost engineering, or the engineering profession and valuable service to AACE International.
  • Contributions to the knowledge of the profession and dissemination of that knowledge based on publications, presentations, and bringing cost management/cost engineering to industry, educational institutions, forums, or government agencies.
To check if someone you would like to nominate qualifies to be a fellow view the Fellow Approval Process, and if you feel they qualify contact Jennie Amos at Headquarters for confirmation. If they do qualify and you wish to nominate them, then use this form: Nomination For Fellow.

AACE Fellows

  • David A. Norfleet, CCP CFCC DRMP FAACE; Marina G. Sominsky, PSP FAACE
  • Dan Melamed, CCP EVP FAACE; Glen Palmer, CFCC PSP FAACE; Mohammed Rafiuddin, CCP PSP FAACE
  • Martin R. Darley, CCP FAACE; Allen C. Hamilton, PE CCP FAACE; Kenji P. Hoshino, CFCC PSP FAACE; John P. Orr, PSP FAACE; Hannah E. Schumacher, PSP FAACE
  • Jeffery J. Borowicz, CCP CEP PSP FAACE; Philips Tharakan Mulackal, CCP EVP FAACE; Julie K. Owen, CCP PSP FAACE
  • John L. Haynes, PSP FAACE; Marvin Woods, CCP FAACE
  • Peter R. Bredehoeft, CEP FAACE; John J. Ciccarelli, PE CCP PSP FAACE; Marc Glasser, PSP FAACE; F. Sam Griggs, CCP FAACE; Sagar B. Khadka, CCP DRMP PSP FAACE; Madhu P. Pillai, CCP FAACE
  • Ron F. Cagle, CCP FAACE; Dr. David T. Hulett FAACE; Marlene M. Hyde, CCP EVP FAACE; John C. Livengood, Esq. CCP CFCC PSP FAACE; Michael R. Nosbisch CCP PSP FAACE
  • Trevor X. Crawford CCP FAACE; Peter W. Griesmyer, FAACE; Mark G. Grotefend CCP EVP FAACE; Andy Padilla ECCP FAACE; Michael B. Pritchett CCP CEP FAACE; Sean T. Regan CCP CEP FAACE; H. Lance Stephenson CCP FAACE; James D. Whiteside, II PE FAACE
  • Christopher W. Carson, PSP FAACE; Mark T. Chen, PE CCE FAACE; Richard K. Faris, PE FAACE; Vera A. Lovejoy, CCE PSP FAACE; Dr. Neil D. Opfer, CCE CEP PSP FAACE; Stephen O. Revay, CCC CFCC FAACE; and Ronald M. Winter, PSP FAACE
  • Robert B. Brown, PE FAACE; Douglas W. Leo, CCC CEP FAACE; James E. Krebs, PE CCE FAACE; Leslie E. McMullan FAACE; Alexia A. Nalewaik, CCE FAACE; Todd W. Pickett, CCC CEP FAACE; Peter W. Ripley, CCC; Joseph W. Wallwork, PE CCE CFCC PSP FAACE
  • Jullian A. Anderson, CCC FAACE; Mahendra P. Bhatia FAACE; Bruce G. Elliott, CCC FAACE; Philip D. Larson, CCE CEP PSP FAACE;  and Stephen P. Warhoe, PE CCE CFCC FAACE
  • Charles E. Bolyard Jr. CFCC PSP FAACE; Edward E. "Ted" Douglas III CCC PSP FAACE; Donald R. McNatty FAACE; Kul B. Uppal PE CEP FAACE; and Valerie G. Venters CCC FAACE
  • Robert D. Bakewell CCC FAACE; Michael C. Ray PE CCE PSP FAACE; and James G. Zack Jr. CFCC FAACE
  • Osmond F. Belcher CFCC FAACE; James A. Bent ECCC FAACE; Tom G. Mendel CCC FAACE; George A. "Sandy" Whyte CCC EVP FAACE; and Gord Zwaigenbaum CCE FAACE
  • Ginette B. Basak P.Eng. FAACE.; Larry R. Dysert CCC FAACE; J. Stephen Farris CCE FAACE; Brian E. Hughes FAACE; and Asoka K. Pillai CCE PSP FAACE
  • Nelson E. Bonilla, CCE FAACE; Michael W. Curran FAACE; Connie S. Gowder, CCC FAACE; John K. Hollmann, PE CCE FAACE; and William E. Kraus, PE CCE FAACE
  • Thomas R. Clarkin, Jr., CCC PSP FAACE; Morris E. Fleishman, PE CCE FAACE; Patricia D. Galloway, PE FAACE; Harry W. Jarnagan, PE CCE FAACE; and Donald F. McDonald, Jr., PE CCE PSP FAACE
  • Donald R. Boyken, CCC FAACE; M. Stephen Franklin, CCE FAACE; and Scott R. Longworth, CCC FAACE
  • George E. Baram, P.Eng. CCE FAACE; Jennifer Bates, CCE FAACE; Dorothy J. Burton FAACE; John A. Foushi, CCE FAACE; W. Mark Howell, PE CCE FAACE; Igor V. Mackay FAACE; Dr. Osama El Sayed Moselhi, P.Eng. FAACE; Walter J. Strutt, P.Eng. CCE FAACE; Kenneth J. Vanderjagt, PE FAACE; and Charles P. Woodward, PE CCE FAACE
  • Larry G. Medley, Sr., ECCC FAACE; Hubertus J.M. Paquay FAACE; Frank Postula, PE CCE; and Jose I. Sarasua, CCE FAACE
  • Desmond G. Pellicena FAACE; and Francis Jim Slattery FAACE
  • Sylvester C. Myers FAACE; and Dr. George Stukhart, PE FAACE
  • Dr. Robert C. Creese, PE CCE FAACE; and Dr. Carl Wolf, CCE FAACE
  • Richard A. Selg, CCE FAACE; Remo J. Silvestrini, PE FAACE; and Richard E. Westney, PE FAACE
  • James E. Rowings Jr., PE CCE FAACE
  • Johannes M. Bredenkamp FAACE; Gerard Beguinot, CCE FAACE; and Edward D. Hamm, PE CCE FAACE
  • John E. Barry, FAACE; William R. Barry, CCC FAACE; Michael R. Morrison, CCC FAACE; Fred R. Douglas, FAACE; and Clive D. Francis, CCC FAACE
  • Barry G. McMillan, FAACE; George D. Weaver, Jr. PE FAACE; and Christopher G. Walker, PE CCE FAACE
  • Albert J. Bevacqua, CCE FAACE; Anthony D. Furia, CCC FAACE; Rollin A. Kreps, FAACE; Frederick K. Larson, FAACE; William T. Watt, FAACE; and Charles Poulton, PE CCE FAACE
  • Donald J. Cass, CCE FAACE; Kurt G.R. Heinze, PE CCE FAACE; Ivan V. Klumpar, PE CCE FAACE; Otto Mendel, CCE FAACE; James M. Neil, PE CCE FAACE; and David Rosoff, CCE FAACE
  • Serge Pressoir, PE FAACE; and George Suhanic, PE FAACE
  • Kathryn E. Shaw, CCC FAACE; Casimir A. De Cwikiel, PE CCE FAACE; Michael E. Horwitz, PE CCE FAACE; Jean-Claude Huot, PE FAACE; James B. Weaver, II FAACE; Anthony J. Werderitsch, PE CCE FAACE; and Edward C. Goodier, PE FAACE
  • Gordon F. Gantz, CCE FAACE
  • Arthur H. Weber, PE CCE FAACE; and Kenneth K. Humphreys, PE CCE FAACE
  • Lawrence J. Bloch, CCE FAACE; Frank J. Kelly Jr., CCE FAACE; Anghel Patrascu, CCE FAACE; Joseph M. Sexton, PE FAACE; and W.R. Weinheimer FAACE
  • Owen Rye, FAACE
  • Joseph A. Brown, CCE FAACE; Brian D. Dunfield, FAACE; Jack F. Enrico, CCE FAACE; and Julian A. Piekarski, PE CCE FAACE
  • Daniel Pitts Elliott, PE CCE FAACE; L. Willard Hedrick, CCE FAACE; and Michael Kilbertus, CCE FAACE
  • James D. Horst, CCE FAACE; Frederic C. Jelen, CCE FAACE; Richard L. Mayer, PE CCE FAACE; and Dr. Aaron Rose, CCE FAACE
  • Irwin C. Bromberg, FAACE; Aaron J. Cohen, PE CCE FAACE; Charles V. Keane, CCE FAACE; Harley C. Nelson, CCE FAACE; and Christie B. Shannon, CCE FAACE
  • James F. Adams, FAACE; Alfred L. Dellon, CCE FAACE; Gustav Enyedy, Jr. PE FAACE; John J. O’Driscoll, CCC FAACE; Frank M. Russell, CCE FAACE; Arthur C. Slater, CCE FAACE; and Roger M. Stark, FAACE
  • H. Carl Bauman, PE CCE FAACE; Clifford D.H. Bierman, FAACE; William G. Clark, CCE FAACE; Charles R. Hirt, FAACE; Thomas C. Ponder, Sr. FAACE; Robert E. Templeton, PE CCE FAACE; and Henry C. Thorne, CCE FAACE
  • Dr. James H. Black, CCE FAACE; John W. Hackney, CCE FAACE; Sidney Katell, CCE FAACE; and C. Arthur Miller, PE CCE FAACE

David A. Norfleet, CCP CFCC DRMP FAACE -- David became a member of AACE International in 1993. The following year, he earned the Certified Cost Professional (CCP) designation. In 2007 and then again in 2013 he served as a member of the task forces that developed the Certified Forensic Claims Consultant (CFCC) and Decision and Risk Management Professional (DRMP), respectively. Since 2016, David has been a member of the Certification Board. He served on the Board of Directors as Regional Director 5 (2013-2015). Additionally, David has been an active member of the Rocky Mountain Section including serving two terms as section president. He was a contributor to the first and second edition revised of the TCM Framework: An Integrated Approach to Portfolio, Program, and Project Management. David has been a frequent author/presenter of technical papers at the Conference & Expo. He was previously recognized by AACE as the Outstanding Regional Director (2016). David is the Deputy Project Manager, Risk and Contracts Management for HNTB Corporation.


Marina G. Sominsky PSP FAACE – Marina joined AACE International in 2008. She earned the Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) certification designation in 2014. She has been a member of the Education Board member since 2014 and served as the Education Board Chair (2018-2020). A member of the Women in Project Controls Committee since 2008, Marina served as chair from 2011-2014. She has been an active member of the Arizona Section serving two terms as president (2012-2014). She has been an author/presenter of technical papers at multiple Conference & Expos. She was previously recognized by AACE as the Outstanding Woman in AACE (2015).