Seminar in a Box Certification Review Materials

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CCP Seminar in a Box

Description and Learning Objectives

This course provides an overview of skills and knowledge of cost engineering. The course will cover basic concepts of estimating, planning and scheduling, cost control and forecasting, breakeven analysis, and productivity analysis. Professionals who attend this Review Course will gain a better understanding of some of the basic concepts of cost engineering. This course is also suitable for those who plan to take the CCP Certification Exam as it will enable attendees to be better prepared to take the exam beyond what they would likely achieve on their own. Each day's presentation covers subjects that may be found on the certification examination.

Knowledge Areas:

This course will primarily address those areas where numerical problem solving is of important consideration. The expectation is that professionals who do not routinely solve such problems will find that review to be more worthwhile. These primary areas will include engineering economics, estimating, scheduling and related subjects.

CEP Seminar in a Box


Standard CEP format that will cover key areas of emphasis for the CEP Exam. Estimating terminology and AACE's Cost Estimate Classification System along with related fundamentals will be covered. Cost estimating problems from unit-price, lump-sum, and conceptual estimating formats will be worked out in class.

Learning Objectives:

  • Become comfortable with the terminology of process estimates.
  • Understand the estimate types, the technical information required for each type of estimate, and the reliability limitations of each type.
  • Become familiar with the various estimating methodologies.
  • Understand how to professionally present an estimate
  • Understand the estimate review/validation process.
  • Understand contractor vs. owner points of view and issues.
  • Understand the estimating challenges of mega-projects.

PSP Seminar in a Box

This seminar provides a good review of planning and scheduling principles/techniques and is
intended as a refresher for individuals preparing to sit for the PSP certification exam. As such, it is
not meant to replace years of scheduling experience in the field, but rather should be considered as a
component of the preparation recommended to successfully achieve the PSP certification. The
seminar can also be helpful to those individuals not necessarily looking to sit for the certification
exam, but rather as a good overview of planning and scheduling that can be built upon by additional
project-based experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic definition and use of planning
  • Understand the basic definition and use of scheduling
  • Understand how the concepts of planning and scheduling should be integrated in support of effective project management
  • Understand the different scheduling techniques available and potential uses for each
  • Understand the critical path method (CPM) scheduling, its basis, and its benefits
  • Understand how to effectively communicate schedule status and potential issues
  • Understand advance scheduling techniques/considerations, to include resource scheduling, earned value management, and schedule compression/acceleration methods

Knowledge Areas
Planning, scheduling, CPM scheduling, schedule communication methods, advanced scheduling techniques/considerations

EVP Seminar in a Box

This is a two-day course designed to prepare candidates for AACE International’s Earned Value Professional (EVP) certification exam.  Professionals attending the EVP certification review course should have some project/program experience. 

AACE's EVP certification provides an exam and experience validation that lets industry professionals identify those who are competent professionals within the EVM discipline.  EVP’s have demonstrated mastery of contract language as it relates to Earned Value application, the organization of a project’s scope into meaningful structure for execution; planning scheduling and budgeting the project work from initiation through close out using an integrated cost/schedule tool; highly proficient in monitoring project progress for performance measurement; an earned value management system (EVMS) and its related accounting component used to record actual costs for a project or activity; generating relevant reports, understanding and analyzing the information reported, using actual cost data from, or reconcilable with, the accounting system for management of a project or activity; and managing change to the scope of work and/or any deviation, performance trend, or change to an approved or baseline project control plan, throughout the life-cycle of a project or portfolio of projects in the public and/or private sector. The experienced EVP will have broad experiences in the interpretation of the EV data/metrics and possess the skills to provide coherent, relevant communications (oral and written) to all levels of project stakeholders (internal and external) recognize the Earned Value Management Professional.

Learning Objectives 

  • Prepare candidates for the AACE Earned Value Professional (EVP) certification exam.
  • Increase understanding of development and integration of the project scope, schedule, and cost.
  • Understand the ANSI/EIA-748 principles (Intent guide for EVMS principles).
  • Apply EVMS concepts and principles to several project related problems, issues, and case studies.

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