Section Grant Program

If you have questions about the Section Grant Program, please contact us at

The purpose of the Section Grant Program is to provide meaningful support and grow local member engagement through AACE Sections. The Section Grant Program is available for AACE Traditional (incorporated) Sections. Traditional Sections must first complete the Section Acknowledgment Form to be eligible for the Section Grant Program. 

In order to be eligible for grant funding, Traditional Sections are required to meet the following requirements by December 31, 2023:

Documentation must be received by headquarters no later than December 31, 2023. Please send the certificate of incorporation, updated bylaws, and signed affiliation agreement to If you have questions about these documents or procedures, please contact us. Payments will not be issued in 2024 unless all requirements have been met. 

The grant funding request shall not exceed $20 per section member (as of July 1 of the application year). Sections are encouraged to develop annual business plans that incorporate revenue streams independent of grant funding. 

Funding for sections that intend to move from Section Lite to Traditional (incorporated) status will be considered on an ad hoc basis beginning next year.


All grants must be directly aligned with the tax-exempt purpose of AACE. Grant amounts applied for should be spent within the upcoming calendar year. Growth support grants that are based on multi-year initiatives should be applied for in one-year increments.

Grant funds will be awarded based on the following considerations: financial status of the section, as well as direct impact to members, the industry, and section operations.


  • Traditional (incorporated) sections in good standing.
  • Section Lite sections that intend to, and demonstrate a plan for, incorporation and have a bank account established in the section’s name.
  • The section must have a bank account in the section’s name.

Grant Categories

Operational Support Grants

  • Designed to help ensure a consistent delivery of value by all sections and aid in fulfilling the minimum requirements.
  • Requests for funding services that AACE headquarters otherwise provides (e.g., website hosting) may or may not be considered, at the discretion of the review panel.

Growth Support Grants

  • Designed to support innovative "stretch" initiatives (activities that are not "business as usual"). Funds should be used for innovation and service improvement, not for fixed expenses.
  • May be used to supplement existing events or programs, allowing the section to expand on the original program.
  • Pilot projects that may be high risk but have high potential.
  • Proposals should align with the AACE strategic plan.

Application Process

The online application opens September 1 each year. The grant submission deadline is 11:59 pm EST October 31. Notifications of grant awards will be sent by December 31. Funds will be distributed in January. Requirements will include:

  • Narrative: In a maximum of 1,000 words describe why the section is applying for the grant(s). Items to address should include:
    • Demonstrated need
    • The goal section leadership hopes to achieve
    • How the grant will benefit members, industry, and the section
    • Alignment with the AACE strategic plan
    • Most recent financial statements


Review Process

The structured review process will consist of a diverse group of reviewers to ensure objectivity and fairness. The review panel shall include representatives from AACE Headquarters, the Board of Directors, and the Membership Advisory Committee. The application process is confidential. The review panel will score and comment on the merit of the proposals and will use those scores to recommend funding amounts to the AACE Board of Directors. Grant requests may be funded in whole or in part.


Funds will be distributed in full in January. The section leader named on the application will be asked to sign an agreement outlining the section’s obligations. If awarded a grant, the section will be required to provide a quarterly status update in writing from the time the grant is disbursed up to a year. Proper recordkeeping must be maintained of all grant expenditures separately from the general operations of the section. Records must be presented for audit or review if requested by AACE Headquarters, the Board of Directors, or other outside regulatory authorities or financial auditors. If there are excess funds remaining at year end, the section will work with Headquarters to determine the next steps, which could include returning the funds to Headquarters. If the grant funds are being used in ways that don't comply with the agreement, unless otherwise authorized to do so, AACE International may request the funds be returned in whole or in part. Sections that do not comply with requirements and policies may be excluded from future grant funding.

Reporting Requirements

Sections will be required to submit quarterly grant reports. Headquarters will announce procedures for grant reporting in January 2024. If you have any questions about the grant program or reporting requirements, please contact us at