How to Start a Section

Do you have what it takes?

Forming a section takes a lot of commitment. It requires a dedicated leadership team of volunteers to create a multi-year business plan for section growth and success.

You should be prepared to commit to intense periods of planning and execution over the first year in the case of section formation. AACE recommends that the leadership team include members with previous experience as section leaders when possible.

Successful section leaders will have connections to other members and potential members in the geographical area. They will also have the ability and time to commit to starting the section.


Are you interested in starting a section in your area? Here's how:

Members interested in starting a new section must first submit a Petition for a Section Charter form. All individuals interested in starting a new AACE section must be current AACE members in good standing.

A petitioning section must also draft section bylaws. You should start with the sample bylaws provided on this page.

Petition for a Section Charter forms and bylaws will be reviewed by AACE staff and Board of Directors to assess the request against identified member needs and potential impacts to existing AACE sections.

Petitioners should be aware that completion and submission of the form does not guarantee that AACE will form the requested section. Additionally, charter petitions and bylaws that have successfully completed the review process will be voted on by the AACE Board of Directors.

Before beginning to complete the charter petition and bylaws process, AACE recommends that you review the following checklist:

  • AACE requires sections to maintain a minimum of five (5) members. Identify other members that would support your section efforts as you will need more than the minimum number of members in order to sustain the section.
  • Conduct some basic research on the total cost management professional environment in your geographic area. Identify the major stakeholder. Define whether this is a growing area for total cost management professionals. Define whether this is an underserved or un-served area by current AACE membership.
  • Reach out to your Regional Director to talk about your proposed section.
  • Prepare a business case to define what needs the section will address and how this potential section will enhance AACE's ability to meet these needs.