Technical Program Abstracts

(IT) IT/IM in Project and Cost Management

NOTE: Program Subject to Change

(IT-3064) Standard Cost Management: From Spreadsheets to Automation

Author(s)/Presenters(s): Ashley Garza; Sharla Gill

Time/Room: MON 2:15-3:15/Bayside B


A premier energy infrastructure company in the US faces an exciting challenge with billions of capital dollars to spend on interstate pipeline and infrastructure expansion projects.  The company, prior to the flight is segregated into four major office locations, all using different project controls terms, systems, and processes.  The challenge is to align the enterprise using a well thought out approach and implementing a cost management system to optimize and automate the process.  In order to facilitate this discussion, the company’s journey is compared to taking a cross country flight. This paper will look at all aspects of the flight, from identifying the plane and crew: a cost management system, the flight attendants (local champions), and the pilots (implementation team).  Additionally, outlining the flight plan while maneuvering through turbulence and challenges along the way. Leading to landing at the destination and exploring future flights for improvements and continued maturity.


(IT-3089) Cloud-Based DMS for Large and Complex Projects

Author(s)/Presenters(s): Lan Zhang; Hao Hu; Zhiyang Ji

Time/Room: WED 8:00-9:00/Bayside B


Massive drawing information is commonly required during construction, especially for large and complex projects. This paper proposes a cloud-based drawing management system (cloud-based DMS) for such projects in order to solve typical problems and frustrations encountered during traditional drawing management. The developed DMS is based on the Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) software structure, with high scalability and stability, and the expression layer based on a distributed browser/server (B/S) system. The system provides practical functions such as drawing viewing, editing, and issue recording. Issue reports can be automatically generated. Compared to traditional software-based DMS, the cloud based DMS can be accessed by a flexible range of smart devices such as phones, pads or computers via a browser. Updated drawing information can be guaranteed to be passed and presented instantaneously to the corresponding personnel. Multiple applications of this cloud-based DMS in large and complex projects proves that it can efficiently manage a great deal of drawings and improve the construction quality.


(IT-3289) Integrated Software Based Project Controls on Major Capital Projects

Author(s)/Presenters(s): Abhoy Ganguli, CCP CEP

Time/Room: TUE 10:15-11:15/Oak Alley


In any company that builds or executes large scale projects, ask any resident project controls (PC) personnel and their most dreaded time is invariably month end reporting and the ensuing late nights in getting data ready for monthly stewardship reports.

This paper attempts to outline the benefits of having an industry developed and tested software tool that incorporates the entire gamut of the PC function within its scope; utilize it to do the leg work on data collection and formatting; and allows skilled PC personnel to analyze and trend the data to focus in on the message they want to give out.

Essentially this paper will show that in this age of advanced digital technology, skilled PC personnel should spend less time on data collection & formatting and more time on data analysis and key message delivery.

The software package ideally should incorporate abilities to perform all levels of estimates, budgeting, cost control and forecasting, seamless scheduling data transfer, management of change (MoC) and benchmarking as well as variance analysis. There are various benefits to this which will be expanded in the paper. These integrated software modules do exist in the marketplace currently. However, the adoption of these technologies by big companies is slow due to the relatively heavy initial capital investment of implementing these solutions.

The benefits of this however, on a long-term basis, far outweigh the initial costs when looked at on an overall portfolio basis as will be shown in the ensuing sections.

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