Proposed Constitution & Bylaws Amendment

January 2021

AACE International members are asked to review the updated AACE Bylaws and accompanying narrative below and then cast a vote for or against the proposed amendments in this year’s election ballot.

Proposed AACE Bylaws

Narrative Regarding Proposed Bylaws

For over a year, the AACE International Board of Directors has been reviewing the organization’s structure with the intent to operate more efficiently and better engage with members. As a result, there was an emerging need to update the association’s governing documents in order to make language relevant, consistent, and compliant with state and federal laws.

Time has been taken to ensure the redrafted Bylaws is a consensus document to the greatest extent possible, protects the great things about AACE, and meets the needs of AACE’s future. The document has gone through an iterative review process over many months with input from the AACE Board of Directors, the Constitution & Bylaws Committee, various member stakeholders (including Past-Presidents and Associate Boards), and legal counsel.

The AACE Board of Directors is recommending the membership vote to “APPROVE” the proposed 2021 Bylaws.  

Members were invited to join a Town Hall presentation about this proposal. View the recorded session and presentation slides below.

Town Hall Presentation Slides

For more information, or questions, please contact us.

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