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The Cost Engineering journal, a bimonthly professional peer-reviewed journal, is the official technical publication of AACE. Cost Engineering features a variety of best-in-field technical articles.

Cost Engineering 
journal is included as a member-only benefit. Subscriptions are not available.

Same great content, but a new format as of 2021! Published by AACE International, Source is the site where both AACE members and nonmembers can come to read posts that will keep you updated on the latest AACE news.
 is available for both members and non-members at no charge.

Source is updated as news happens. Users are encouraged to check in daily or weekly to see if new content has been posted or to spend time reviewing and reading articles you may not have had time to work through on a prior visit. Most of the existing features of the prior pdf version of Source will continue to be a part of this new online format. Check out the latest postings, give us comments on what you like and what changes you would like to see as we move forward.

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“Being kept up to date with current trends in cost engineering through technical papers in the Cost Engineering journal and Source is enlightening. It improves my project management skills in the area of costing.”

- Zivai Marangarire, CCP
Inspector (Chemical Production Technologist)
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
The Hague, The Netherlands