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Tuesday (June 18)

NOTE: Program Subject to Change

June 18, 2019 Rhythms 1 Rhythms 2 Rhythms 3 Nottoway Oak Alley Bayside A Bayside B Bayside C Gallier AB
TUE 7:00-8:00 Breakfast (Exhibit Hall)
TUE 8:00-9:30 Tuesday Keynote - Drew Tarvin
TUE 9:30-10:00 Coffee Break (Exhibit Hall)
TUE 10:15-11:15 PS-3087 CDR-3173 RISK-3111 TCM-3291 IT-3289 OWN-3168 EVM-3155 SK-3059 EXH-3315
  Examining Schedule Performance in Phase Transitions on Vertical Construction Projects Defending Against Loss of Productivity Claims Identifying the Most Probable Cost – Schedule Values from a Joint Confidence Level (JCL) Risk Analysis The Case for a Recommended Practice for Project Procurement in Public Construction Integrated Software Based Project Controls on Major Capital Projects Estimating the Optimal Size of the Project Management Team Use of Earned Value Management as a Communication Tool With the Project Team and the Client (Presentation Only) Feng Method and Application Using Power BI (Exhibitor Showcase) Oracle
  Daniel P. Gilmour, PSP; Matthew L. Pringle, PSP Dr. Tong Zhao, PE PSP; J. Mark Dungan; Xuyang Liu Samuel Steiman, PE; Dr. David T. Hulett, FAACE Bryan Payne, PE CCP CFCC Esq.; H. Lance Stephenson, CCP FAACE Abhoy Ganguli, CCP CEP Aileen A. Jamieson Edward M. McNamee; Charles W. Immonen Steve Feng TBD
    Advanced Intermediate Advanced Intermediate Basic Advanced Basic Basic  
  Host: John Matsumoto Host: Mostafa AbdelRazik Host: Ted Williams Host: Melissa Wallace Host: Michael Lepage Host: Mark Chen Host: Seth Wiafe Host: Andrea Georgopoulos Host: Not Applicable
TUE 11:30-12:30 EXH-3316 EXH-3317 EXH-3319 EXH-3320 EXH-3135 EXH-3322 EXH-3323 EXH-3324 EXH-3315
  (Exhibitor Showcase) 5 Pillars of Project Controls: WBS, Estimating, Schedule, Cost, Change (Exhibitor Showcase) Deltek (Exhibitor Showcase) Best Practice: Estimating within Utilities Capital Programs (Exhibitor Showcase) Why the Project Planner Doesn't Always Know Best (Exhibitor Showcase) New Approaches and Strategies for a Better BIM (Exhibitor Showcase) Probabilistic Project Cost Estimation with @RISK (Exhibitor Showcase) Return on Your Training Investment – How To Maximize Your Training Dollars (Exhibitor Showcase) Total Value Management for Project Controls (Exhibitor Showcase) Oracle
  David Neely TBD Phil Baranowski Paul Self Ruth Kim J. Raul Castro Michael Lepage Greg Brink TBD
  Host: Not Applicable Host: Not Applicable Host: Not Applicable Host: Not Applicable Host: Not Applicable Host: Not Applicable Host: Not Applicable Host: Not Applicable Host: Not Applicable
TUE 12:30-2:00 Awards Luncheon
TUE 2:15-3:15 RISK-3313 CDR-3260 PS-3047 DEV-3045 TCMA-3285 OWN-3229 EVM-3165 TCM-3307 EXH-3321
  (Panel Discussion) The Future of Decision and Risk Management in the Post-Digital Era Damages Without a Cause: Liquidated Damages Are a Penalty When Owners Recover Damages for Their Own Delay The Art of Decoding Manipulated Schedules for Forensic Schedule Analysis Problem Analysis using Statistical Safeguards  Optimizing Construction Projects through Effective Information Governance and Data Analytics What if the System Doesn't Fit? (A Proposal for Classifying Nuclear Tooling & Maintenance Project Estimates Using GAO’s Technical Readiness Assessment) Unpacking Earned Value Management for Oil and Gas Projects (Presentation Only) International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) for Cost Comparison and Benchmarking in the Construction Sector (Exhibitor Showcase) Integrating Field Reports (Labor, Equipment & Materials) with Earned Value Analysis
  Dr. Manjula Dissanayake, CCP Christopher J. Brasco; Kathleen Olden Barnes; James G. Zack, Jr. CFCC FAACE Hon. Life; Kenji P. Hoshino, CFCC PSP; Matthew D. Baker Gayathri J. Shetty; Rachel Domingo, PSP Gregory J. Whiteside, PE CCP; James D. Whiteside, II FAACE  Sean Callahan; Heather Leins, JD; Sarah Lounsberry, JD; Vinay Nair, PE; Trent Williams Shoshanna Fraizinger, CCP Anton W. van der Steege, CCP Alan Muse; Anil Sawhney Arvid Markhus; Kenneth Steinsvik
  Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Basic Advanced Advanced   Intermediate  
  Host: Pranab Deb Host: John Armstrong Host: Bindu Amin Host: Sharon Foster
Host: Anel Cronje Host: Dan Melamed Host: Ted Williams Host: John Newman Host: Not Applicable
TUE 3:15-3:45 Coffee Break (Exhibit Hall)
TUE 4:00-5:00 PS-3244 CDR-3228 COM-3310 TCM-3063 OWN-3185 EVM-3251 CDR-3193 EXH-3318
  Understanding Risk in Design-Build Schedules Hot Tubbing Expert Witnesses – Does It Work? Decision and Risk Management Subcommittee Meeting Strategic Portfolio Management: Supply Chain Methodologies Planning the Future: Estimating U.S. Nuclear Stockpile Infrastructure Costs How to Calculate Estimate at Completion at a Project Level How to Best Prepare for and Navigate a Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) Claim (Exhibitor Showcase) Elecosoft
  Jessica Colbert, PSP; Kimberly D. Forbes, PSP James G. Zack, Jr. CFCC FAACE Hon. Life Dr. Manjula Dissanayake, CCP H. Lance Stephenson, CCP FAACE; Bryan Payne, PE CCP CFCC Fana Gebeyehu-Houston; Charles Loelius; Cash Fitzpatrick; Dipali Amin; Julie Anderson; Charles Ballowe; Jeff Beck; Chad Daughters; Connor Jones; Al Levinson; Christopher Massey; Matt Proveaux Mostafa AbdelRazik, EVP PSP Michael Oliveri, PSP; Joseph W. Wallwork, PE CCP CFCC PSP FAACE TBD
  Intermediate Basic   Intermediate Intermediate Basic Basic  
  Host: Seth Wiafe Host: Roger Nelson Host: Not Applicable Host: Shoshanna Fraizinger   Host: Dan Melamed Host: Michael Onotano Host: John Armstrong Host: Not Applicable
TUE 5:15-6:15 COM-3083   RISK-3294 TCM-3189 TCMA-3054 BIM-3072 COM-3311 TCM-3301 EXH-3325
  Planning and Scheduling Subcommittee Meeting   Some Key Points of Contingency Drawdown Curves An Integer Programming Model for Capital Project Portfolio Planning Data Analytics to Drive Reporting and Insights for Timely Decisions and Improved Business Performance The Constructible Process – Moving Beyond BIM to Build with Confidence EVM Subcommittee Meeting (Workshop) A Practical Guide to Project Controls Development (Exhibitor Showcase) Graphic Schedule
  Jeffrey Milo, PSP   Kimberly Kozak, PE; David A. Norfleet, CCP CFCC DRMP Michael Matosin Aleshia Ayers; Susan Bomba; Lamis El Didi Jon Fingland Dr. Dan Melamed, CCP EVP Dave Kyle, CCP CEP; Greg M. Hall, PSP; Anton W. van der Steege, CCP; Mustansir Raj, CCP TBD
    Intermediate Advanced   Intermediate Intermediate   Intermediate  
Host: Not Applicable   Host: Ted Williams Host: JR Karbowski Host: Pranab Deb Host: Luis Otavio Rosa Host: Not Applicable Host: Not Applicable Host: Not Applicable
TUE 6:15-7:45 Tuesday Reception

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