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Monday (June 17)

NOTE: Program Subject to Change

June 17, 2019
June 17, 2019 Rhythms 1 Rhythms 2 Rhythms 3 Nottoway Oak Alley Bayside A Bayside B Bayside C Gallier AB
MON 7:00-8:00 Breakfast (Exhibit Hall)
MON 8:00-9:30 Monday Keynote - Meagan Johnson Sponsored by InEight
MON 9:30-10:00 Coffee Break (Exhibit Hall)
MON 10:15-11:15 EST-3201 CDR-3110 RISK-3037 PS-3120 OWN-3187 PM-3134 TCM-3245 CSC-3107
  Predictive Analytics Can Improve Cost Estimating for Smart City Projects Concurrency and Pacing -  Does Intent Matter? Combining Parametric and CPM-based Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis Integrating the Last Planner System® into the Critical Path Method Schedule Los Angeles Metro Fast-Track Capital Program Management Best Practices Aerial Data Collection Accuracy and Insights to Infrastructure Decisions Cost Engineering as a Driver of Capital Efficiency The Power of Projections: Innovative Schedule Forecasting Techniques
  Anthony A. DeMarco; Richard Mabe; Grady Noll Josh Chittick; John C. Livengood, Esq. CCP CFCC PSP FAACE Colin H. Cropley Jonathan R. Hunt; Hannah E. Schumacher, PSP Julie K. Owen, CCP PSP FAACE; Sean A. VonFeldt Blaine Horner; Ryan Mextorf; Kyle Schroeder; Shanna Hawley; Timothy Bail; Travis Featherby; Vinay Nair, PE Anthony M. Bazzini; Robert F. Addotta Ken Carrico; Eric Dembert, PE; Mike Hollowell; Jeff Johannsen; Jesse Lund, CCP PSP
  Intermediate Advanced Advanced   Basic Intermediate Basic Basic Advanced
  Host: Seth Wiafe Host: Dale Hendershot Host: Ted Williams Host: Chad Lanier Host: Michael Lepage Host: Shelley Schlagel Host: Ricardo Gonçalves Alves Host: Mohamed-Asem Abdul Malak
MON 11:30-12:30 EST-3184 CDR-3214 RISK-3078 PS-3255 PS-3181 PM-3105 CSC-3132 TCM-3305 DEV-3224
  Estimate Validation and Bias Assessment: Ratio-to-Driver Method Understanding and Applying the Elements of Constructive Acceleration Cost and Schedule Risks Interact in Megaprojects The Benefits of the Linear Scheduling Method for Reviewing Non-Linear Projects Who Owns the Dates of the Procurement Package Status Report? - Practical Application on a Megaproject Program Management Lessons Learned:  Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program The Clear Flow Matrix: An Effective Production Control Technique Using Crew Level Planning (Panel Discussion) Project Controls in an OS 2.0 Environment 14 Key Areas to Improving Your Cost and Schedule Team's Performance
  John K. Hollmann, PE CCP CEP DRMP FAACE Hon. Life Cory R. Milburn, CFCC PSP; Brian J. Furniss, PE CFCC PSP Dr. David T. Hulett, FAACE; Waylon T. Whitehead Stanko Pavlovic, P.Eng. PSP Lise Bouchard, CCP; Stefan M. Sonnenberg, PSP David Sowers, PE; Harry W. Jarnagan, PE CCP FAACE Hon. Life; Brian C, Smith, CCP Augusto Tiezzi; David Lott, PE; Wayne Lott; Dr. John D. Borcherding; Dr. William J. O'Brien Tim Burroway; 
Stephen L. Cabano;
Martin R. Darley, CCP FAACE;
Larry R. Dysert, CCP CEP DRMP FAACE Hon. Life;
Michael Matthews
Stephen M. Beck, CCP
Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate   Intermediate Basic Intermediate Advanced Intermediate
Host: Shoshanna Fraizinger Host: Dale Hendershot Host: Amanda Stanek Host: Mostafa AbdelRazik Host: Steve Duvall Host: Shelley Schlagel Host: Melissa Wallace Host: Dan Melamed Host: Ted Williams
MON 12:30-2:00 Lunch (Exhibit Hall)
MON 2:15-3:15 EXH-3329 CDR-3162 OWN-3236 PS-3293 PS-3101 PM-3062 IT-3064 EVM-3271
  [WRENCH Solutions LLC] Applied Agile in Integrated Project Delivery: A Case Study Identifying the As‐Built Critical Path Using Recommended Practice 29R-03 Optimizing Your Management Reserve Lessons Learned on Integrating Linear Schedule with the CPM Schedule Schedule Trend Control Charts in Excel Pre-qualifying Contractors for Today’s Project Delivery Needs Standard Cost Management: From Spreadsheets to Automation Emergent EVM Techniques for Construction Schedule Performance Measurement and Control
  Andrew Avalon, PE PSP; Christopher W. Carson, CEP DRMP PSP FAACE; John J. Ciccarelli, PE CCP PSP FAACE; Kenji P. Hoshino, CFCC PSP; John C. Livengood, Esq. CCP CFCC PSP FAACE; Mark C. Sanders, PE CCP CFCC PSP J. Gustavo Vinueza C. Kristy Kastner, PSP Bryan Eaton, CCP PSP H. Lance Stephenson, CCP FAACE Ashley Garza; Sharla Gill Farah S. Demachkieh; Dr. Mohamed-Asem Abdul-Malak
  Advanced Advanced Basic Advanced Intermediate Basic Intermediate
  Host: Not Applicable Host: Dale Hendershot Host: Seth Wiafe Host: Mark Chen Host: John Matsumoto Host: Michael Onotano Host: Ted Williams Host: Bindu Amin
MON 3:15-3:45 Coffee Break (Exhibit Hall)
MON 4:00-5:00 EST-3252 COM-3164 RISK-3175 PS-3086 OWN-3196 PM-3124 OWN-3109 TCM-3301 EVM-3272
  Cost Estimating in Hyperinflation Economies Claims and Dispute Resolution Subcommittee Meeting Actions for Improving Risk Management Culture (Panel Discussion) The Great Debate: Owners vs. Contractors - Are We Done Yet? The Role Owner Project Control Plays in Contract Administration Disruption Quantification in Small and Medium EPC Projects:  A System Dynamics Model How Can Nuclear Construction Costs Be Reduced? Five Practical Tips to Improve Nuclear Project Economics (Workshop) A Practical Guide to Project Controls Development Comparative Analyses of Construction Cash Flow Predictions Using Empirical S-Curves
  Francis Lira Vargas John J. Ciccarelli, PE CCP PSP FAACE Aaron P. Ingebritson, PE Jeffrey Milo, PSP; John P. Orr, PSP Christopher F. Michalak; Paul G. Williams Michael Mac Guinness Arnaldo M. Angelini, PE; Apostolos (Tolis) Chatzisymeon; Sean T. Regan, CCP CEP EVP PSP FAACE Dave Kyle, CCP CEP; Greg M. Hall, PSP; Anton W. van der Steege, CCP; Mustansir Raj, CCP Farah S. Demachkieh; Dr. Mohamed-Asem Abdul-Malak
  Intermediate   Basic Intermediate Basic Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Advanced
  Host: Anel Cronje Host: Not Applicable Host: Ted Williams Host: John Matsumoto Host: Farrukh Siddiqui Host: Mark Chen Host: Shoshanna Fraizinger Host: Not Applicable Host: Melissa Wallace
MON 5:15-6:30 New Orleans Tasting (Invitation Only) Sponsored by Oracle
MON 6:15-7:45 Certification Reception (Invitation Only)

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