How to Become an AACE Volunteer Grader

27 Mar 2019 | Currently we have an abundance of active graders. In order to ensure an equal opportunity for each grader to earn CEUs, we are temporarily closing the opportunity to become a grader. While we are not currently accepting new applications, you may download the form below and submit; you’ll be placed on a waiting list and given priority attention once the opportunity resumes in the future.

The first step in becoming a volunteer grader is to be currently certified in the examination for which you want to grade. The second step is to download, sign and return our certification program confidentiality agreement to
. Once we receive your signed confidentiality agreement, you will be required to view AACE's brief online grader training, followed by a 10 question quiz.

If you're ready, click the button below to download the form and get started today.

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