Proposed AACE Bylaws Amendment

AACE International members are asked to review the updated AACE bylaws and background information below and then cast a vote for or against the proposed amendments in the 2023 election ballot. The affirmative vote of two-thirds of the valid votes of the membership cast shall be required for adoption of an amendment to the bylaws. The AACE Board of Directors is recommending the membership vote to “APPROVE” the proposed bylaws amendment.  

Current AACE Bylaws

Proposed AACE Bylaws

The following amendments are being proposed to the AACE International bylaws in order to move governance of the Certification Associate Board under the purview of the AACE International Certification Institute (the “Institute”), a 501(c)6 affiliate. Read more here.

The Institute was incorporated in January 2022 in order to autonomously govern the AACE International certification program. The Certification Associate Board has historically been codified in the AACE International bylaws. Now that the Institute is fully operational, the Certification Associate Board needs to be more closely aligned with the Institute and moved under its authority. After an affirmative member vote to remove the Certification Associate Board from the AACE International bylaws, it will be codified in the Institute’s bylaws. All three Associate Boards (Technical, Education, and Certification) will continue to collaborate and follow their respective policies and procedures as outlined in the c3 and c6 Organization Manuals.    

The proposed amendments are below:

Article V, Section 2
The standing Associate Boards shall be Education and Technical. Associate Board Chairs are elected by the respective Associate Boards. Associate Boards shall adopt charters and devise their own rules of procedure and adopt the same, subject to compliance with the Bylaws and the approval of the Board of Directors.

Article VI, Section 2
The Board shall have not less than nine (9) nor more than eleven (11) voting members. It shall consist of the four (4) voting Officers identified in Article VII, Past-President, Director - Certification, Director - Education, Director - Technical, and not less than one (1) nor more than three (3) Directors at-Large. Officers and Directors at-Large shall be elected by the Members. The Board shall establish policies and procedures in the Organization Manual for the election of the Director - Certification, Director - Education, and Director – Technical.

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