Technical Program Schedule

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Wednesday (June 19)

NOTE: Program Subject to Change

June 19, 2019 Rhythms 1 Rhythms 2 Rhythms 3 Nottoway Oak Alley Bayside A Bayside B Bayside C
WED 7:00-8:00 Breakfast
WED 8:00-9:00 PS-3217 CDR-3167 RISK-3129 TCM-3180 TCMA-3227 PM-3085 IT-3089 OWN-3306
  Mastering Out-of-Sequence Progress – Part 3 Home Office Overhead - Which Formula Should You Use? Lessons from Financial Risk Management (Presentation Only) How to Create Predictable Cost and Schedule Estimates? Forecasting Cost to Complete on Major Projects Portfolio Management: Case Study of a Brazilian Mining Company Cloud-Based DMS for Large and Complex Projects (Presentation Only) Survey of Project Controls in the Utility and Energy Industries
  Ronald M. Winter, PSP FAACE Mark F. Nagata, PSP Eric Ho Dr. Nick J. Lavingia, PE Christopher W. Ronak Ricardo Gonçalves Alves Lan Zhang; Hao Hu; Zhiyang Ji Anthony M. Woodrich, CCP
  Advanced Basic   Basic   Basic Advanced Basic Advanced Basic
  Host: John Matsumoto Host: John Armstrong Host: Anel Cronje Host: Pranab Deb Host: Shoshanna Fraizinger Host: Laurie Bowman Host: Neil Opfer Host: Andrea Georgopoulos
WED 9:15-10:15 PS-3141 CDR-3250 EST-3302 COM-3314 PM-3151 SK-3036 COM-3308
  Benchmarking As-Built Lags Practical and Legal Challenges to the Implementation of the Time Impact Analysis Method (Presentation Only) Overview of New Estimating Recommended Practices TCM Analytics SIG Meeting Optimized Cash-flow: Opportunities for Finance Solutions for Contractors and Owners (Presentation Only) Overview of Construction Claims and Disputes BIM Subcommittee Meeting
  Ronald M. Winter, PSP FAACE Dr. Waleed M. El Nemr; Hossam Eid Mohamed, EVP Dave Kyle, CCP CEP Dr. Manjula Dissanayake, CCP Ashraf Elazouni James G. Zack, Jr. CFCC FAACE Hon. Life Philip D. Larson, CCP CEP PSP FAACE
 Intermediate Advanced Intermediate   Basic   Basic  
Host: Steve Duvall Host: John Armstrong Host: Pranab Deb Host: Not Applicable Host: Michael Onotano Host: Roger Nelson Host: Not Applicable
WED 10:30-11:30 PS-3112 CDR-3254 RISK-3208 COM-3309 TCMA-3130 PM-3246 SK-3036  
  Capital Improvement Program Stage-Gate Planning & Scheduling Claims Avoidance in Infrastructure Megaprojects: A Process Framework for Design-Build Contractors Risk Allocation to Assess Public Contract:  Particular Case - Brazil Cost Estimating Subcommittee Meeting Implementing UniModel in an Owner Environment Benchmarking the Performance of Egypt's Contruction Industry Using KPIs (Presentation Only) Overview of Construction Claims and Disputes  
  Mir M. Ahmad; Christopher W. Carson, CEP DRMP PSP FAACE Rahul S. Mulik, CCP Helber Cunha Macedo, CCP; Carlos Eduardo M. F. Braga; Cesar Teodoro Ferreira; Fabrizio Cesar R. Fonseca Dave Kyle, CCP CEP John B. Newman, CCP CEP; Philip D. Larson, CCP CEP PSP FAACE Ahmed Bahaaeldin I. Ghonamy; Dr. Mohamed A. El-Mikawi James G. Zack, Jr. CFCC FAACE Hon. Life  
  Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate   Intermediate Basic Basic  
Host: Mostafa AbdelRazik Host: John Armstrong Host: Seth Wiafe Host: Not Applicable Host: Neil Opfer Host: Tony Woodrich Host: Roger Nelson  

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