Examination Delivery, Policies & Procedures

What to expect on examination day

Please arrive at the testing center 15 minutes early and provide the proctor with your confirmation email which contains your test taker authorization code to launch your exam. You will be required to provide two (2) forms of identification: one must be a government issued photo ID and another can be a credit card, bank debit card, employee identification card, etc.

NOTE: In the United States a social security card is NOT an acceptable form of identification.

For increased security measures, the following actions have been implemented effective June 22, 2014 at all Kryterion Testing Centers:

  • Pocket Turn-outs: All test takers are required to turn out exterior pockets (on jackets, jeans, slacks, etc.) to verify pockets are either empty or they do not contain any prohibited items, etc. Testing Center proctors will not make physical contact, but will need your assistance to verify your pockets are empty. To avoid any unforeseen issues, empty your pockets prior to entering the Testing Center.
  • Eyewear Inspections: All test takers who enter the Testing Center wearing external eyewear must hand their eyewear over to the proctor for inspection to ensure the eyewear is not technology-enabled. Your cooperation will assist in avoiding any issues or delays for your examination.

You will receive instructions from the proctor in addition to paper and pencil, if needed. Examination candidates are not permitted to bring any items into the testing center, including food or drink. Once you have been seated and the proctor has loaded your examination, you are ready to launch the exam.

Cancellations, No Shows & Rescheduling Policies

In accordance with our contracted service agreement with Kryterion testing services, the following policies shall be enforced.

Cancellation & No Show – shall be deemed any change made at exactly 72-hours or less before the originally scheduled exam. The candidate is required to contact AACE Headquarters Certification Staff to make the necessary change(s). A fee will apply (based upon your registration status).

Rescheduling – shall be deemed any change made greater than exactly 72-hours before the originally scheduled exam. The candidate is able to log-in to their Webassessor test taker profile and reschedule the exam to another date and time, with no additional fees or penalty.

Refund – shall only be granted in cases of an AACE computer system error or human error made by AACE staff. Otherwise, no refunds are given once a transaction has been completed. No exceptions.

Computer Based Testing (CBT) Disruption Policy

 AACE and our testing facility partner, Kryterion™ Global Testing Solutions are committed to providing a comfortable and stable environment for our test takers. AACE certification test takers can expect a secure test environment and high test standards when taking an AACE exam. Some situations are outside the control of either AACE or Kryterion™. We've developed a policy to provide guidance the test taker to deal with technical issues should they occur while taking an AACE computer-based test (CBT).

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Examination Results & Post Exam Survey

Due to the complexity of some of our examinations, results may not be given immediately. The following lists will identify which exams provide immediate results and which exams provide delayed results.

Immediate Results

  • CCT and CST

Delayed Results



All candidates will receive a brief electronic survey within 5 days after an examination in order to rate their examination experiences. Responses to the survey will in no way impact exam results. Responses to the survey, however, will be shared with the Certification Department and the AACE Certification Board in order to improve the certification process for future candidates.


If you have a certification complaint or something to report, please give us an opportunity to make it right.

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