Certification FAQs

  • How many questions are on the exam?
    The CCT & CST exams have 100 simple multiple choice questions.
    The CCP exam has 120 simple and complex multiple choice questions.
    The CEP, DRMP, EVP & PSP exams have 120 simple and complex multiple choice questions, including one written memo question.
    The CFCC exam has 100 simple and complex multiple choice questions and 4 written essays.
  • When do I get my exam results?
    CCT & CST exam results are given immediately upon completion of the exam.
    CCP, CEP, CFCC, DRMP, EVP & PSP exam results are not given immediately, as the written portions of the exam (technical paper/memo/essay) must be graded and averaged with your multiple choice exam result.
  • Where can I take the exam?
    AACE certification exams are only given at a Kryterion testing center (over 500 worldwide).
  • Can I arrange for an exam at my company?
    No. Exams are only conducted at a Kryterion testing center.
  • Do I have to be a member to take a certification exam?
    No. You are not required to be an AACE member to sit for an AACE certification exam.
  • How long do I have to turn in my technical paper (for CCP exam)?
    It is at your discretion. You can begin your CCP application process at any time, but since the technical paper is  part of the eligibility requirements, you are not able to submit the application until the technical paper has been uploaded.
  • Do I need to take my clearance letter from AACE to the exam with me?
    No. You do not need to take your clearance letter from AACE to the testing center. You will need to take your Kryterion examination scheduling confirmation email, which contains your exam authorization code (to launch your exam).
  • Do I need to know my AACE ID# to take my exam?
    If taking the CEP, CFCC, DRMP, EVP or PSP exam, you will need to know your AACE ID#. You will need to provide this number in your written memo/essay response(s). It is best to have your AACE ID# memorized as you are not permitted to bring any outside material with you (except for CFCC, which is an open book exam).
  • Are there any courses to prepare me to take the exam?
    There are several options for educational courses, which are developed and managed by our Education Board. Interested candidates should contact the education department at education@aacei.org for the current courses offered and all pertinent details.
  • Are preparatory courses required to take the exam?
    No. Preparatory courses are not required to take an AACE certification examination.
  • Do I have to buy all the recommended resource material to take the exam?
    You are not required to purchase any recommended resource. However, many candidates find the study guides and other recommended resources to be helpful in their certification endeavors. Some resources are complimentary. For the latest recommendations, always check the website first.
  • What study materials does AACE provide to prepare for a certification exam?
    AACE does not generally provide any study materials to prepare for a certification examination. However, there are several complimentary downloadable documents accessible to you: CCT Primer, CST Primer, CFCC Study Guide. AACE members also receive the benefit of complimentary downloads of Recommended Practices and Total Cost Management (TCM) Framework.
  • What is the difference between a cancelled exam and rescheduled exam?
    Cancellations shall be deemed as any change made at exactly 72 hours or less before the originally scheduled exam and incurs a fee.
    Rescheduling shall be deemed any change made greater than exactly 72 hours before the originally scheduled exam and does not incur a fee.
  • What if I have to cancel my scheduled exam?
    You are required to contact AACE Headquarters Certification Staff to make the necessary change(s). A fee will apply.
  • What if I have to reschedule my scheduled exam?
    You will log in to your Kryterion/Webassessor test taker profile and reschedule the exam to another date, time and location (if desired), with no additional fees.
  • Will I receive a refund for a cancelled exam?
    There are no refunds given.


If our FAQs library does not
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the Certification Department at certification@aacei.org or
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