Recertification by CEUs

Choosing this option requires the accumulation of 12 CEUs over a 3-year certification period, which is earned through various activities in 4 separate categories. Certificants must submit an application prior to expiring to avoid removal from our certified directory and inability to continue to use an AACE designation.

The categories for recertification CEUs are:

  • Category A: Performed
  • Category B: Professional Development
  • Category C: Industry Contribution
  • Category D: Volunteer Service

Current Pricing Structure

Recert Fee Table

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Recertification Program Handbook.

Recert Handbook Cover

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Helpful Tip Lightbulb

Our online learning center features modules based upon actual technical presentations captured at our Annual Meetings, and is worth 0.10 CEUs upon completion. The entire collection is also available for more than 7 CEUs.

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Take Note

If you are currently certified, you may begin your recertification by CEUs application at anytime.

From the moment you are certified, or recertified for an additional 3-year term, you can keep track of your activity or CEUs within your AACE profile during that time. When you are ready, you can simply submit, make payment and wait for staff review and approval.

Start Now

Here is a tutorial to show how to keep track of your recertification CEUs and submit an application.

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