Speaker Information

Speaker Information

Governing Documents and Guidelines

If you are preparing a paper and presentation for our Annual Meeting the information on this page is for you. Please review it carefully.

Official Requirements for Preparing Papers and Presentations
This document is intended to provide you with an overview and some general guidelines in preparing your paper and presentation slides.

Technical Paper Template [REQUIRED]
You are required to use this template to layout and format your paper.

PowerPoint Presentation Template [REQUIRED]
This is the official slide template that must be used for the presentation that will accompany your paper. Please remember that NO images/charts/graphics etc. may be used in your presentation unless you have a copyright release from the owner that covers use for commercial purposes. No exceptions.

Publication & Speaker Agreement [REQUIRED]
This document must be signed by you (and each of each you co-authors). Without it, your paper cannot be published or presented.

Technical Paper Evaluation Criteria (TPEC) Version 6.9
You should review the TPEC carefully. The criteria specified here forms the basis of your peer review and determines if your paper will pass or not.

Commonly Misunderstood Words & Definitions
This document is intended to assist authors in writing technical papers by listing words and definitions that are commonly misunderstood and their proper use.

How to Present a Technical Paper
Some useful tips and techniques to assist you with your presentation.

Summary Notes and Dates

  • Download and review the Official Requirements for Preparing Papers and Presentations.
  • Download the Publication and Speaker Agreement and submit with your paper.
  • Download the Technical Paper Template and Technical Presentation Template.
  • Have your paper and presentation slides reviewed by your business colleagues or peers.
  • Update your abstract if needed and to ensure it reflects the contents of your paper.
  • Submit your paper by January 31.
  • Submit your presentation slides by March 31.
  • Book your hotel reservation at the host hotel.
  • Register for the meeting before the Early Registration Deadline (with the hotel discount) for the best rate.

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