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TCM Framework

TCM Framework
Total Cost Management (TCM) is a systematic approach to managing cost throughout the life cycle of any enterprise, program, facility, project, product or service. The TCM Framework®: An Integrated Approach to Portfolio, Program and Project Management is a structured, annotated process map that for the first time explains each practice area of the cost engineering field in the context of its relationship to the other practice areas including allied professions. The digital version TCM Framework® is included in the cost of membership.

Cost Engineering Terminology

A recommended practice of AACE, 10S-90 Cost Engineering Terminology is an industry consensus document of thousands of terms and definitions used in the field. All terms have been through as a rigorous review process and approved by our Technical Board.

As new recommended practices are developed, terms may be added or revised. Therefore, it is suggested that you review this document frequently to ensure that you have the most current information.

Cost Engineering Terminology is available to both members and non-members free of charge.

Recommended Practices

The AACE International Recommended Practices (RPs) are intended to be the main technical foundation of our educational, and certification products and services. The RPs are a series of documents that contain valuable reference information that has been subject to a rigorous review process and recommended for use by the Technical Board. The digital versions of the RPs are included in the cost of membership.

RP 10S-90: Cost Engineering Terminology is available to the general public free of charge.

Professional Guidance Documents

AACE International professional guidance documents (PGDs) provide roadmaps to improve use and understanding for collections of related recommended practices. They provide clarification on their purpose, function, context, and inter-relationships.

Virtual Library

Virtual Library
AACE's Virtual Library is a collection of over 6,000 technical articles on virtually every aspect of cost engineering, at your disposal, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Search our extensive abstract database and immediately retrieve the best techniques and potential solutions to the problems confronting you and your organization. That’s what the AACE Virtual Library offers you, immediate potential solutions to real life problems and opportunities. Access to the Virtual Library and the articles are included with your membership at no additional charge.

Professional Practice Guides

Professional Practice Guide
The AACE International Professional Practice Guides (PPGs) are references containing the most worthwhile existing contributions to the cost engineering field and the advancement of total cost management. Intended to be comprehensive, well organized, and timely, each PPG title is a collection of selected articles from Cost Engineering journal, AACE International Transactions, and other sources to which AACE has rights, covering a particular technical topic area, or industry segment. The PPGs provide an excellent source of reference material and is a welcome addition to any reference library.

Cost Engineers' Notebook

Since 1963, the Cost Engineers’ Notebook (CEN) has been a key reference for cost engineers in the United States, Canada, and abroad. The Cost Engineers’ Notebook is a collection of cost engineering related articles published by AACE International. It has been updated and expanded with numerous new material, which includes over 600 technical articles and papers covering the following topics:
- Total Cost Management
- Economic Analysis and Business Planning
- Decision-Making and Risk Management
- Cost Engineering
- Cost Estimating
- Planning and Scheduling
- Project Controls
- Progress and Performance Measurement
- Change Management and Forecasting
- Benchmarking and Historical Data Collection
- Project Management
- Skills and Knowledge, and Enabling Practices


Cost Engineering Journal & Source Magazine

Cost Engineering Journal 03
The Cost Engineering journal, a bimonthly professional peer-reviewed journal, is the official technical publication of AACE. It features an expanded number of best-in-field technical articles. Each technical article has undergone a rigorous peer review and been presented at an AACE International Annual Meeting for additional vetting by meeting attendees.

Source 03
Source, is a bimonthly digital magazine focusing on Association activities and items of interest to the total cost management community. Source is published in even number months while the Cost Engineering journal is published six times per year in the odd number months.
The Cost Engineering journal and Source magazine can be viewed and read on most currently available e-reader, iPhone and android formats.



Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering

Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering, 6th Edition provides information on a wide range of cost engineering subjects and will prove to be a valuable resource to any individual seeking professional growth or pursuing an AACE International certification. The authors of the individual chapters are well-known and well-respected members of the cost engineering community, who brought their knowledge and wealth of experience to the creation of this publication. This publication offers six sections comprising 34 chapters of content on topics such as cost estimating, project planning, value engineering, and strategic asset management, to name a few.

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Certification Study Guides

Part of the recommended study materials for each of the AACE certifications include a study guide pertaining to that credential. Each Certification Study Guide has been developed to aid professionals wishing to successfully achieve an AACE credential.  The Study Guides also summarize various topics considered central to each certification's examination.

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Professional Development & Technical Resources


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