Effective April 1, 2020: reporting will be handled through the SMS App. Scroll down to learn how to access the app, view the training tutorial, or download the step-by-step handbook.

Section Minimum Standards

Revised June 2016

The following are the Section Minimum Standards as adopted and approved by AACE International's Board of Directors in June 2016:

  • Government Filings: IRS filings, or appropriate government filings for the country where the section is located, must be up-to-date. For non-US sections, if a government filing is not required, a financial review must be conducted, approved by the section board, and filed with AACE International headquarters.
  • Section Officers/Directors: Section to submit list of section officers / directors no later than December 31 of each year. The required template will be downloaded by clicking here
  • Bank Account: Section to submit the bank account(s) it maintains with account number(s) and signatories. For non-US sections, if a section bank account is not allowed, alternative arrangements must be made and agreed to by AACE International headquarters.
  • Technical Meetings: Sections to have held or jointly sponsored a minimum of 3 section technical meetings for its membership.
  • Communication: Section must have sent a minimum of 3 communications to their membership.
  • Bylaws: 1) Confirmation that bylaws are current and do not require amendment or 2) submission of requested bylaws changes (prior to a section membership vote).
  • Minimum Membership: Have at least five (5) members in good standing as of December 31st of each year.

Download the Section Minimum Standards & Scorecard Handbook for a step-by-step instructions by clicking here.
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You may access the Section Minimum Standards & Scorecard App to report activity in the following ways:

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