Technical Program Abstracts

(IT) IT/IM in Project and Cost Management

(IT-2403) Framework for Evaluating Project Controls Software Systems

Level: Intermediate

Author(s): Christopher P. Caddell, PE CCP DRMP

Tuesday, Jun 13 3:15-4:15/Celebration 12-13

Abstract: A growing number of companies are implementing or considering software systems to improve the efficiency, reliability, and timeliness of project controls reporting for projects and portfolios.  Based on successful and unsuccessful implementations, this paper provides a framework for how organizations should approach this endeavor.  If the evaluation and selection is performed incorrectly, the company may spend a tremendous amount of time and money and not receive the expected value.  The process starts with gathering information from the various stakeholders that will be impacted by implementing a system. The needs and constraints of these stakeholders should then be used to select potential systems to evaluate.  Evaluation criteria and weightings should be established prior to evaluating each system.  Then each system needs to undergo a rigorous interrogation to understand the capability, implementation requirements, and fit based on the user requirements. Each system is then scored and ranked according to the decision criteria. This process sets the stage for selecting the best system and making all the stakeholders aware of what to expect with the selected system.

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