As part of the professional development program, AACE International offers a variety of seminar options: 

Conference & Expo Seminars: Each year at the Conference & Expo (formerly Annual Meeting), AACE International offers seminars on a wide variety of topics.

Section Level Seminars: Throughout the year individual Sections around the world offer Certification Review seminars at the Section level. These seminars are the same ones offered at the Conference & Expo; but they are presented by qualified instructors at the Section’s location. For information on upcoming Section level seminars, contact the Manager, Education at

In-House Seminars: It is sometimes easier for an organization to have someone provide training at their location instead of sending their employees to the Annual Meeting or Section level seminars. When this occurs, organizations can coordinate with the Manager, Education to provide In-House training seminars. The Manager, Education coordinates with approved instructors from the AACE International membership to provide the desired training at the organization’s location. For information on providing In-House training seminars, contact the Manager, Education at

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