MSAMP Membership

Military Service

Military Service Appreciation Membership Program (MSAMP)

Have you been honorably discharged within the last two years? If so, we have a great deal to offer you!

The Military Service Appreciation Membership Program (MSAMP) is available free of charge to individuals who have been honorably discharged from a recognized armed forces branch within the last two years. The MSAMP Membership expires on December 31 of the year the MSAMP application is received.  Membership renewals are transferred into the Regular Member rate.

How To Sign Up for MSAMP Membership:

Step 1:

Have Your Discharge Papers/Documents Available.You will need an electronic version of your honorable discharge documentation to upload when making application.

Step 2:

Select "Join AACE" to complete our new membership application. You will receive email notification of your approval within 10 business days after receipt of application.