Technical Program Schedule

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Monday (June 12)

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7:00-8:00 Breakfast
8:00-9:30 Keynote Session 1
9:30-10:00 Coffee Break
10:00-11:00 RISK-2442 RISK-2441 BIM-2713 PS-2390 CDR-2568 CSC-2436 OWN-2418 PM-2405  
  Numerical Bias of Risk Teams vs. Project Actual Bid Results Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation (Workshop) Moving Beyond Yesterday to Advance Tomorrow (with Legos) Critical Path Shifts: Everything You Need to Know What’s in a Name? – Forensic Delay Methodologies The Ten Biggest Lies in Project Controls High Performance Owner Project Team: Creating a Competitive Advantage (Presentation Only) Managing Uncertainty for Mega Energy Projects Exhibitor Showcase
  David A. Hamilton, PE CCP Dr. David T. Hulett, FAACE Dr. Ralph Kreider Mark F. Nagata, PSP; William Haydt Roger Nelson, PE; Bernard Ong Glen R. Palmer, CFCC PSP; Christopher W. Carson, CEP DRMP PSP FAACE Joshua P. Rowan, CCP; Sarah E. Love Dr. Nick J. Lavingia, PE TBD
  Intermediate Intermediate Basic Advanced Intermediate Intermediate Basic Advanced  
11:15-12:15 RISK-2394 RISK-2510 BIM-2713 PS-2413 CDR-2543 CSC-2659 OWN-2474 PM-2538  
  An Introduction to Analysis for Small Data Populations Modelling Realistic Outcomes using Integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis (Workshop) Moving Beyond Yesterday to Advance Tomorrow (with Legos) Extracting the Resource-Constrained Critical/Longest Path from a Leveled Schedule Proposed Format and Content for Subordinate Recommended Practice, 29R-03-3.X Proactive Trend and Change Management: Avoiding the Iceberg Effect Incentivizing Construction Contracts to Enhance Sustainability in Construction Projects How to Quantify and React to Different Project Controls Cultures Exhibitor Showcase
  James D. Whiteside, II PE FAACE; Gregory J. Whiteside, PE CCP Colin H. Cropley Dr. Ralph Kreider Thomas M. Boyle, PE PSP Kenji P. Hoshino, CFCC PSP; Michael S. Dennis, CCP; Greta A. Martin, PE PSP Leslie E. McMullan, FAACE Dr. Douglas Gransberg, PE CCP; Dr. Carla Lopez del Puerto, CCP; Jose J. Fontan Pagan Robert J. White TBD
  Intermediate Advanced Basic Advanced Advanced Basic Intermediate Basic  
12:15-1:45 Exhibitor's Lunch
2:00-3:00 RISK-2394 RISK-2515 BIM-2697 PS-2491 CDR-2495 CSC-2687 TCM-2534 PM-2605  
  An Introduction to Analysis for Small Data Populations Realistic and Practical Project Risk Quantification (without CPM) Integrating Building Information Modeling with Project Schedule Implementation of the Half-Step Analysis During the Project: Phase II Overview of As-Planned versus As-Built Forensic Schedule Analysis: AACE® International Recommended Practice No. 29R-03 Forensic Schedule Analysis MIP 3.1 and 3.2 Change Control Procedure during Design Development of a Mega Transit Project Mining and Mineral Processing Uniform Cost Coding Structure Turning Around Problem Projects Exhibitor Showcase
  James D. Whiteside, II PE FAACE; Gregory J. Whiteside, PE CCP John K. Hollmann, PE CCP CEP DRMP FAACE Hon. Life Vidya C. Dixit Brian J. Furniss, PE CFCC PSP; Cory Milburn, CFCC PSP; John Orr, PSP Scott A. Galbraith, PE CFCC; Michael T. Siburt, PE CCP PSP; John C. Livengood, Esq. CCP CFCC PSP FAACE Amgad F. Fahmy, PE CCP PSP Tas Hellis Joseph A. Lukas, PE CCP TBD
  Intermediate Intermediate Basic Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Basic Intermediate  
3:00-3:30 Coffee Break
3:30-4:30 RISK-2473 RISK-2511 EST-2391 PM-2628 CDR-2691 CSC-2664 TCM-2535 PM-2446  
  Lessons Learned in Completing a Tailored Project Risk Management Assessment Tool Role of Project Novelty, Execution and Bias in Risk Quantification (Presentation Only) Cost Estimate Review Simulation Workflow Improvements and Project Success Driven by Mobile Technology Contemporaneous “As-Is” Period Schedule Delay Methodology - Forensic Delay Methodology MIP 3.3 Extending Control Accounts toward an Integrated Data Model Portfolio Scheduling – How to Achieve Success and What Does Success Look Like? Project Controls and Project Management on Bus Rapid Transit Project Exhibitor Showcase
  Bryan A. Skokan, PE CCP; Connie (Wei) Liu; Rodney Lehman; Jake Lefman; Dan Melamed, CCP EVP Dr. Yuri Raydugin, P.Eng. Larry Dysert Jax Kneppers; Dr. Borja Garcia de Soto, PE Anthony Gonzales; Jesus Schuldes, PSP; Katherine Hull; Dr. Marcelo Azambuja Michael Goggin John C. Philbrick, PE CCP; Francisco A. Cruz Moreno, PE Rashmi Vailaya TBD
  Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Basic Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Basic  
4:45-5:45 RISK-2694 RISK-2592 EST-2391 PS-2670 CDR-2620 CSC-2576 TCM-2500 PM-2582  
  An Innovative Approach to Escalation Risk Mitigation Integrated Cost/Schedule Risk Analysis for Pre-Concept Alternatives Analysis/Technology Selection (Presentation Only) Cost Estimate Review Simulation Draft Recommended Practice No. PS-23 – Analyzing Near-Critical Paths The Contemporaneous Period Analysis - Split Methodology Forensic Delay, MIP 3.4 The Early & Late Date Conundrum and Project Reporting The True Power of Estimate and Schedule Bases Documents Problems Associated With Measuring Construction Labor Productivity Exhibitor Showcase
  Warren Fletcher Samuel Steiman, PE; Molly Donovan Larry Dysert Dr. Amin Terouhid, DRMP PSP; Dr. Maryam Mirhadi, PSP; Thomas M. Boyle, PE PSP Mark F. Nagata, PSP; Christopher W. Carson, CEP DRMP PSP FAACE Imran Z. Wyeen, P.Eng.; Mustansir Raj, P.Eng. CCP Robert Mathias; Paul G. Williams Marwa H. Ahmed; Osama Moselhi TBD
  Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Advanced Intermediate Intermediate Advanced  

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