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2020 Honorary Life Membership

by Jennie Amos | Jul 15, 2020

AACE International is honored to be able to recognize all award winners at this year’s Conference & Expo.  It is through such outstanding ability, service, and dedication displayed by our members that AACE International can continue to be the strong organization that it is.  Our thanks go to you for the hard work, long hours, heartfelt involvement, and commitment to excellence that these awards symbolize.  It is our great pleasure to share these awards with you and to acknowledge everything you have given to AACE.  Congratulations!

AACE is pleased to recognize the following award winner:


Honorary Life Membership is given upon the unanimous approval of the AACE International Board of Directors to those individuals who have served the Association on the local and international levels in a variety of capacities.  Minimum requirements are: Membership in AACE for twenty-five (25) or more consecutive years.  Candidates shall have attained the status of Fellow of AACE.  In  addition, candidates shall have distinguished service in two (2) or more of the following functions: a.) Served on the AACE International Board of Directors; b.) Served as a member of an associate board, task force, standing, and/or ad hoc committee; c.) Presented two (2) or more technical papers at the Conference & Expo, section meetings, AACE seminars, or to other professional societies; or d.) Engaged as a full-or part-time instructor teaching in total cost management subject areas.  Membership in AACE is required.

Bob Brown head shotRobert B. Brown, PE FAACE Hon. Life – Bob joined the AACE in 1994. He was elected and served in a variety of AACE Board of Directors leadership positions including as Director-Region 4 (2000-2002) and two terms as Vice President-Finance (2002-2004; 2004-2006).   Since 1997, he has been an active member of AACE’s Technical Board. Bob has been a frequent author and presenter at AACE Conference & Expo and at AACE-related events across the globe. He is a contributor to 10 AACE recommended practices (RPs). He has previously been recognized with the TCM Excellence Award (2007) and as an AACE Fellow (2012). Bob is the owner/president of Temulac Engineering Consultants and the Director of Business Development at Coordinated Construction Project Control Services.

*As a result of the 2020 Conference & Expo being held virtually, the 2020 award recipients will receive their trophies at the 2021 Conference & Expo in Boston.

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