Jessica joined AACE in 2013 and first volunteered as the RP Coordinator for the Planning & Scheduling (PS) Subcommittee of the Technical Associate Board. She obtained the certification designation as a Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) in 2015.  She is the current Chair of the PS Subcommittee. When AACE’s Technical Board asked the subcommittees to perform a “gap analysis” of existing and developing RPs to confirm correspondence with the Total Cost Management Framework, Jessica developed a procedure and gathered volunteers to review all existing RPs related to scheduling. She is a presenter/author of technical papers at the Conference & Expo and has been published in the Cost Engineering journal. Jessica is the Director of Project Risk at Allan Myers.

Jessica grew up in Delaware and now lives in Virginia. She has two stepsons, a daughter, and a Boston Terrier named Maggie. She likes to do woodworking as a hobby.

On volunteering for AACE: “Volunteering provides great networking opportunities and the ability to contribute to efforts that build our industry – whether it be publications or personal development.  I’ve had the ability to learn from more experienced practitioners and apply that learning to my career and organization.” In the October 2020 issue of Source, she said: “There are immense opportunities for contribution and leadership in the organization. If you doubt this, volunteer for ONE thing. Do that one thing well, and the leadership opportunities will be paved in front of you.”

Thank you, Jessica!!


  • The Technical Board is always looking for volunteers to participate in the development and review of recommended practices (RPs). We also encourage you to consider writing and presenting a technical paper for our Conference & Expo. 
  • Learn more about the RP development guidelines and process, as well as writing and presenting a technical paper.
  • The 2022 Conference & Expo Call for Papers is now open!