Clive joined AACE in 1971 and has volunteered in many capacities, received numerous AACE awards, and is a wonderful example of a servant leader. He first volunteered at a Great Lakes Section event. Since then, it has been a way of life for him to be on a committee or hold an AACE office at the Section and International level. He served as President in 2004-05 and, afterwards, joined the Education Board where he still volunteers today. He particularly enjoys providing document review for the Online Learning Committee. AACE staff noted that he has put in countless hours in this position as it requires a significant amount of administration and coordination. He does all this on top of reviewing many scholarship applications. Headquarters is entirely grateful for his many years of contributions. Clive retired in 2015 after having worked for 45 years in the cost engineering / project controls profession.

He met his wife in college and this year they will be celebrating 52 years of married life!  “I always tell her how lucky she is when in reality I have been the lucky one all of those years.” In those years they raised two boys who now have families of their own. He lives in a log home in Michigan built by his wife's grandfather in the 1930s. Clive started riding a Harley Davidson in 2008 and is now approaching 150,000 miles ridden. He also dabbles in woodworking. 

“I believe that being a volunteer has helped me develop some lifelong friends. One thing about being a volunteer is that it keeps the mind sharp and challenged. It helps me to stay involved and a part of a profession that was so much of my life for nearly 50 years.”

Thank you, Clive!! 


  • The Education Board has ambitious goals for this year! And is recruiting individuals to contribute in several micro-volunteer opportunities. Learn more here.