COMP Membership

COMP Membership

Corporate & Organizational Membership Program (COMP)

Become a COMP and show your employees that you are vested in them - and in the industry.

Individuals who are under the COMP roster receive the same membership benefits and services as Regular Members.

Dues are prorated by quarters, and include a one-time application fee of US$95.00:

COMP Prorated Due Table

If a COMP has fewer than 10 members, the base fee remains the same. Additional members beyond 10 can be added to your COMP roster at the discounted rate of US$ 160 per member (US$ 25/member discount).

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COMP Fact Sheet

Already COMP

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How To Sign Up for COMP Membership:

Step 1:

Choose a COMP contact for your company. Please note: This person will be responsible for your designated list of COMP members.

Step 2:

Select "Join AACE" to complete the COMP membership application. One billing address will be identified by your COMP contact. The COMP contact will also be listing all members for the COMP roster. You will receive instructions on how to print your application and select payment options.



"Turner & Townsend is a corporate member of AACE International because we recognize the value it adds not only to our staff in their continued development, but also to our business in helping us stay abreast of leading industry practices and providing us with network connections around the world."

- Christopher P. Caddell, CCP DRMP
Senior Vice President
Turner & Townsend
Houston, TX, USA