Free Webinar: Managing Performance in the Schedule

16 November at 2:00 PM Eastern (US)

A common challenge within the discipline of Project Management is that of establishing performance measurement criteria and supporting justification.  The challenge for medium to large scale projects is to define sufficient detail for project control so as not to overburden the management of the project while still maintaining traceability to work accomplishment.  The challenge exists across industries and often results in a disconnected solution requiring manual and time consuming effort to maintain, status, and in some cases comply with industry compliance criteria.  How are you establishing and maintaining your performance measurement criteria and is there a better way?


Daren Fontenot, Sr. PPM Solution Architect, Deltek
Dan Demangos
, Sr. PPM Solution Architect, Deltek

Registration is required, so take a minute to register in advance so you don’t miss a minute of what should be a great presentation.

This webinar is generously sponsored by Deltek.


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