Free Webinar: How a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Project Planning Reduces Risk and Delivers Better Project Outcomes

20 July at 2:00 PM Eastern (US)

Increasingly complex projects and shared risk contracting models are putting intense scrutiny on the planning process.  However, better risk identification and more efficient stakeholder collaboration can lay the groundwork for more realistic plans and fewer surprises. In this webinar, InEight’s Chief Production Officer, Brad Barth and Head of Product for Planning, Scheduling, and Risk, Nate St. John, will discuss how the right project planning software can enable a multi-dimensional approach that can track project risks and opportunities better than ever before. You will also learn how one large EPC firm improved margins by using a multi-dimensional approach to project cost management.

Primary discussion topics of the webinar include:

  • How you can use project planning software to improve the tracking of project risks
  • How a multi-dimensional approach makes it easier to assign and track project risk mitigation strategies
  • How you can bring cost and schedule risk together into one tool

Learning Objectives include:

  • Tackling the knowledge loss problem in construction
  • A connected platform is the key to eliminating cost control barriers
  • Collaborative scheduling tools can greatly improve risk identification

You should participate in the webinar because:

  • It will help you improve your project visibility
  • It will help you make quicker decisions
  • It will lessen the number of surprises
  • It will help you improve revenue per FTE
  • What you learn will help foster better alignment between the jobsite and back office

The webinar is geared toward cost engineers, chief estimators, risk managers, schedulers, and work planners. 


Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer, InEight
Nate St. John, Head of Product for Planning, Scheduling, InEight

Registration is required, so take a minute to register in advance so you don’t miss a minute of what should be a great presentation.

This webinar is generously sponsored by InEight.


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