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2020* Virtual Conference & Expo - Live Presentation Schedule Announced

by Jennie Amos | May 28, 2020

Great news! The schedule of the live sessions for the 2020* Virtual Conference & Expo are now available.

2020VirConEx_WebsiteAs an Virtual Conference & Expo attendee, you get access to all of the live presentations, all of the Transactions papers, all of the optional networking/social events, access to exhibitors and sponsors – plus all of the recordings for the presentations from all of the other speakers! That’s 1.8 CEUs for the live program – plus the opportunity for additional CEUs through the recorded sessions!!!

The live presentations will be recorded and available to you for years to come, too – just in case you get called away for part or all of a session.

We’re proud to announce that the 2020* Virtual Conference & Expo is being sponsored by InEight and Oracle. We’re working with other companies too to bring you the best tips, tricks, and advice from our exhibitors. Look for more information on that to come.

We will be announcing more on the networking/social events soon.

Go to our website to learn more about the 2020* Virtual Conference & Expo. Click here to register to join us at the event! (Login required to get the member discounted rate.)


P.S. If you’ve been wondering what’s up with the asterisk * after the 2020, I’m here to dish. Since we will miss seeing everyone face-to-face, we said, this year everyone will remember it is the year that we didn’t hold the in-person Conference & Expo (Annual Meeting for those of you who have been around the block a time or two). It’s going down in the record books like the 1940 or 1944 Olympic games (that were cancelled during World War II) or Roger Maris’s 61* home runs (yes in 1961, Maris surpassed Babe Ruth’s single season home run record on the last day of the regular season but MLB Commissioner Ford Frick ruled that Maris’ record would be recorded with an asterisk due to the season being 8 games longer. It wasn’t until 1991 (and after Maris’ death in 1985) that MLB’s acting commissioner, Fay Vincent, revised the ruling to remove the asterisk and recognized Maris as the official record holder. So, in 2020, AACE will hold a Conference & Expo, but since we won’t be breathing the same air, which right now is a very good thing, we’re putting it down in the record books with an asterisk.

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