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2019 Industry Appreciation Award

by Jennie Amos | Jul 05, 2019

AACE International is honored to be able to recognize all award winners at this year’s Conference & Expo.  It is through such outstanding ability, service, and dedication displayed by our members that AACE International can continue to be the strong organization that it is.  Our thanks go to you for the hard work, long hours, heartfelt involvement, and commitment to excellence that these awards symbolize.  It is our great pleasure to share these awards with you and to acknowledge everything you have given to AACE.  Congratulations!

AACE is pleased to recognize the following award winner:


The Industry Appreciation Award is presented to a company or organization that have rendered exceptional support to the total cost management or cost engineering profession and to AACE International’s aims and objectives.  This is the only award AACE bestows on a company/organization.  This award is not based on recognition of financial contributions to AACE.  The employers of members of the sitting Awards Committee and the sitting Board of Directors are not eligible for nomination or receipt of this award. Other professional associations as either complimentary to or in competition with AACE are not eligible for receipt of this award.

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