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2019 Fellows

by Jennie Amos | Jul 02, 2019

AACE International is honored to be able to recognize all award winners at this year’s Conference & Expo.  It is through such outstanding ability, service, and dedication displayed by our members that AACE International can continue to be the strong organization that it is.  Our thanks go to you for the hard work, long hours, heartfelt involvement, and commitment to excellence that these awards symbolize.  It is our great pleasure to share these awards with you and to acknowledge everything you have given to AACE.  Congratulations!

AACE is pleased to recognize the following award winners:

Martin R. Darley, CCP FAACE; Allen C. Hamilton, PE CCP FAACE; Kenji P. Hoshino, CFCC PSP FAACE; John P. Orr, PSP FAACE; Hannah E. Schumacher, PSP FAACE – FELLOWS

The membership grade of Fellow is a selective and prestigious honor for the recipients. Approval of Fellow is in recognition of professional attainment and significant accomplishment in cost management or cost engineering. Fellows are designated by the following acronym: FAACE. Nominees are vetted by the Fellow Admissions Committee and recommended for approval of a majority vote by the Board of Directors. The criteria used in awarding Fellow classifications are: Professional attainment based on contributions to the professional advancement of cost management, cost engineering, or the engineering profession and valuable service to AACE International; and contributions to the knowledge of the profession and dissemination of that knowledge based on publications, presentations, and bringing cost management/cost engineering to industry, educational institutions, forums, or government agencies.

Martin DarleyMartin R. Darley, CCP FAACE – Martin joined AACE in 2001.  He became a Certified Cost Professional (CCP) in 2005. Martin has been very active with his local section, Houston Gulf Coast where he has served in a variety of leadership positions including president. He has served as a mentor to AACE members as part of the Mentoring Program. Martin has served AACE as a member of the Education Board 2016-2018) as well as a member of the Board of Directors including the following positions: Director-Region 5 (2009-2011); Vice President-Administration (2011-2013); President-Elect (2013-2014); President (2014-2015); Past President (2015-2016); and Vice President-Education Board (2016-2018). Through his work at Chevron’s Project Controls team, he has been influential in getting the company to adopt the AACE certification as part of their career path development as well as implementing the controls in the AACE TCM Framework as the standard for projects. Martin is the Cost Engineering and Project Services Manager at Chevron.

Allen HamiltonAllen C. Hamilton, PE CCP FAACE – Allen joined AACE in 1976.  He became a Certified Cost Professional (CCP) in 1992.  Allen has been a frequent presenter at AACE conferences and other organization’s events. He has served his local, New Jersey, section in a variety of leadership roles including two terms as president. He served as the Chairman for the International Cost Engineering Council (1998-2000). He has been elected to and served AACE in a variety of leadership roles on the Board of Directors: Director-Region 2 (1994-1996); President-Elect (1999-2000); President (2000-2001); and Past President (2001-2002).  Allen is the President at Project Management Associates, LLC.



Kenji HoshinoKenji P. Hoshino, CFCC PSP FAACE – Kenji joined AACE in 1998. He volunteers on the task forces that created the Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) and the Certified Forensic Claims Consultant (CFCC) certifications and was grandfathered into each designation as a result of his efforts (PSP in 2004 and CFCC in 2007).  Kenji is a well-respected author/presenter at AACE’s Conference & Expo. He is the primary author of all three revisions of AACE’s Recommended Practice 29R-03: Forensic Schedule Analysis and is a contributor to three additional RPs: 14R-90: Responsibility and Required Skills for a Project Planning and Scheduling Professional; 25R-03: Estimating Lost Labor Productivity in Construction Claims; and 52R-06: Prospective Time Impact Analysis - As Applied in Construction. Kenji is the Principal Member and Testifying Expert at Project Controls & Forensics, LLC.


John OrrJohn P. Orr, PSP FAACE – John joined AACE in 2006 and obtained a Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) designation the same year. He has been a member of AACE’s Technical Board since 2011 where he is currently the director of conference quality. He is a well-respected author and presenter at AACE’s Conference & Expo. He is a contributing author to eight (8) recommended practices. John has served the North Florida Section as its President since 2013. He has previously been recognized by AACE with the Charles V. Keane Distinguished Service Award (2017) and the Technical Excellence Award (2018). John is a Senior Scheduler at AECOM.



Hannah SchumacherHannah E. Schumacher, PSP FAACE – Hannah joined AACE in 2006 and obtained a Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) designation in 2009. She served on AACE’s Certification Board from 2011-2018 where she was the lead member of the PSP Certification Team. She has served in a variety of leadership roles on AACE’s Planning & Scheduling Technical Subcommittee since 2008. She is a well-respected author and presenter at AACE’s Conference & Expo. She has been a contributing author to 12 recommended practices. Hannah has served as a member of AACE’s Women in Project Controls Committee and in a variety of leadership roles in her local section, Arizona, including two terms as president (2010-2012). She has previously been recognized by AACE with the Outstanding Woman in Project Controls Award (2011) and the Technical Excellence Award (2016). Hannah is a Scheduling Manager at Sundt Construction.

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