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Congratulations to Accounting Department Achievers

by Janice Johnson | Oct 15, 2018


We're happy to announce two fantastic achievements in the AACE Accounting Department! 

Molly Burrow has completed her Bookkeeping Specialist distance education certificate course with the U.S. Career Institute.  Molly began the course in late 2017.  The comprehensive course covered many bookkeeping topics including accounts receivable, accounts payable, journal entries, book closing, as well as various business organization types.  Molly said the “old-school” format of ledger sheets, traditional journal entries, and financial statements was a great learning platform.

Carlos Lee has also completed his Business Writing Skills course through the Business Writing Center.  This course training included various activities, lessons, writing samples, editing, and exams to become proficient at clear, concise, and effective business writing and correspondence.

Well done!

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