Professional Development & Technical Resources FAQs

  • Do I get a certificate if I successfully complete an online course?
    Yes, all students receive an electronic certificate when they successfully complete an online course.
  • Do I earn CEUs (get credit) for taking an online course?
    Yes, Continuing Education Units (CEU) are assigned at one tenth of a credit for each hour.
  • Can two or more 10-week online courses be taken at the same time?
    Yes, if your schedule permits you to spend at least three hours per week per course, you can take two or three courses at the same time. You must make this decision based on your own available time.
  • Why do I have to create a new account to post a resume or job posting?
    To provide the enhanced services now available in our Career Center we are using an external product which requires accounts to be set-up outside of the AACE International database.
  • What are the rates for job postings?
    You can view all the rates, by clicking here.
  • I'm having problems with my resume/job posting. Whom should I contact?
    It's best to contact Boxwood Technologies (our partner) directly. You can reach them at +1.888.4918833 Ext. 2184 (Extension Required).

Professional Development & Technical Resources

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