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There are many reasons that online learning can be an appropriate alternative to classroom instruction. Online courses provide interactivity and increased retention of content. The student’s commitment to online learning, one in which they pursue their personal and professional goals through self-study, is the greatest strength of online learning. 

AACE International offers a wide variety of online courses on various cost engineering and construction related topics. For a complete list of our online courses, click the "Online Course Schedule" button at the bottom of this page.  

Online learning offers students the flexibility to study when and where they want; but that is not the only benefit: 

Productivity: with access to the courses from anywhere in the world where Internet access is available, an individual can continue to do his or her job full-time – no need to take time away from the job to attend classroom-based courses; courses can be taken from home, after work at the desk top, or even on travel from hotel rooms, for example. The employer has an employee who is not losing time away from work while that employee continues his or her professional development. 

Reduced Costs: Training and education endeavors away from the job can be expensive, particularly if they involve travel. The immediate cost is reduced productivity – every hour away from the job is costing the employer. If a course includes travel, even local travel, additional costs include meals, mileage and the like. The AACE online courses are a fixed, known cost.

Access and Retention: A classroom-based course provides one opportunity to gain and retain information (knowledge). Note-taking, Q&A and follow up are done at the pace of the instructor, not the student. Depending on the student’s learning style, an individual may not retain as much learned information as necessary to successfully complete the knowledge cycle. Assuming the individual has the discipline to self-study, an online course provides the opportunity to learn at the student’s optimum pace, in terms of access (24/7) and retention (control over content to absorb knowledge).

Employer Involvement: AACE has partnered with constructNet International to offer the Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering courses. They are on a Learning Management System (LMS) platform that offers an employer the opportunity to view an employee’s progress in the courses and the opportunity to offer encouragement and lend support to the employee’s efforts. The LMS is a collaborative tool that is not available to the employer in a classroom-based course.

AACE acts as the agent to provide courses that are offered by third parties. In this case, availability of a course through our website does not imply endorsement of that course.

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