Technical Subcommittees

Technical Subcommittees
AACE International has a number of technical subcommittees, each dedicated to a specific functional area, such as cost estimating, or planning & scheduling. All technical subcommittees together form the technical subcommittee division.


Building Information Modeling Subcommittee

Chair: Philip D. Larson, CCP CEP PSP

The BIM Subcommittee will address current trends by owners, A/E firms, EPC firms and contractors using 3D design, and most importantly the cost & schedule gains by utilizing the 3D tools to their full potential. 

The BIM Subcommittee will explore all elements of virtual construction solution including four elements: design (3-D), scheduling (4-D), cost (5-D) and project controls (6-D). These four elements are interlinked, but sufficient research has not been conducted to identify the - who, what where and when of this relatively new technology.

The BIM Subcommittee will seek technology information from vendors, but shall remain vendor neutral, and shall strive to promote best practices and CAD recommended practices, rather than promoting vendor specific products.

Business & Program Planning Subcommittee

Chair: --OPEN--

The scope of this subcommittee is the application of cost engineering and management precepts to analyze and determine how a portfolio of strategic assets should be selected and managed within the environment of a business enterprise or government agency to optimally meet the financial, production, sales and service goals and objectives of programs based on the organization's stated mission or purpose; the definition of requirements for fulfilling the mission; and the identification of resources, technologies, methods and procedures required to best achieve those goals and objectives within specified budgets and timetables. Among strategic asset management processes, this encompasses enterprise management, strategic performance assessment, and strategic requirements assessment.

Claims & Dispute Resolution Subcommittee

Chair: John J. Ciccarelli, PE CCP PSP FAACE

Many of AACE International's members are actively involved in the making or reviewing of claims on projects. Involvement ranges from preparation to analysis and resolution of claims. Currently, no professional society exists that serves the needs of professionals involved in claims management. This subcommittee has been formed to fill this need. The purpose of the subcommittee is to provide a neutral, professional forum where professionals actively involved in the management, mitigation, and resolution of claims can meet and discuss issues of common interest. This subcommittee will attempt to sponsor a full track of claims-related papers at every Annual Meeting.

Contract Management Subcommittee

Chair: Muhammad Omar Malik, CCP

This subcommittee gathers, formalizes, and disseminates contractual, analytical, and disclosure principles applicable to all aspects of cost engineering and total cost management. This includes managing contracts, contract drafting and specification issues, quantitative analytical techniques, and pricing and schedule disclosure principles. Goals are to be a liaison with similar groups in other professional societies, trade groups, and contracting/purchasing agencies; to promote the incorporation of TCM principles in contract documents and general requirements specifications; to compile contractual, analytical, and disclosure practices dealing with cost and schedule risks, responsibilities, entitlement, and pricing; to keep members aware of related case law, analytical developments, and proven disclosure principles; and to provide formal training on the principles required to practice proficiently in this specialized area.

Cost Engineering Subcommittee

Chair: Sami M. Jaroudi, CCP

Cost Engineering is the field of practice as covered by AACE International’s Recommended Practice 11R-88; “Required Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering”. The Total Cost Management (TCM) Framework defines how the professions skills and knowledge work together in an integrated process. While AACE’s members are often specialized in their fields of practice (e.g., estimating, planning and scheduling, etc), AACE was founded on the concept of Cost Engineering as a multi-skilled profession in its own right. The Cost Engineering Subcommittee will work to advance the technology of Cost Engineering as an integrated profession. Specifically, the subcommittee will focus on advancing “integrative” technical products such as 11R-88 and the TCM Framework. The subcommittee will also technically support certification efforts (i.e., the CCP) and educational efforts to advance cost engineering as a recognized profession. The subcommittee’s success will ultimately be measured by the extent that owner and contractor companies value and seek the services of total cost management professional so that the companies can achieve more profitable asset investments and successful portfolios, programs and projects.

Cost Estimating Subcommittee

Chair: Douglas W. Leo, CCP CEP FAACE Hon. Life

The objective of this subcommittee is to formalize techniques that produce accurate cost estimates at a minimal preparation cost and to share these methods and data with various industry committees. The types of estimates include project feasibility or preliminary, budget, and definitive or contract. Both parametric and detailed estimating methods are evaluated. To accomplish these objectives, the subcommittee does the following things: evaluates existing procedures and techniques used in the preparation of estimates; and develops alternative methods or techniques that simplify the accumulation, quantification, and presentation of a cost estimate.

Decision & Risk Management Subcommittee

Chair: James E. Arrow, DRMP

Gathering, evaluating, and disseminating information on TCM applications of probabilistic analysis are the duties of this subcommittee. The objective is to establish techniques and methods that can be used by other technical subcommittees.

Earned Value Management Subcommittee

Chair: Dan Melamed, CCP EVP
Co-Chair: Charles F Lappenbusch, Jr. CCP EVP PSP

This subcommittee focuses on the application of Earned Value Management (EVM) across a variety of industries and project types. Earned Value Management methodology has grown steadily in its acceptance and use; with AACE International's EVM Subcommittee members both supporting and leading this trend. EVM Subcommittee members represent a wide range of professions including consultants, engineers and project managers. The goal of this subcommittee is to promote EVM by sharing best practices among members; as well as contributing to the EVM body of knowledge and greater project community through presentations and articles.

Economic & Financial Analysis Subcommittee

Chair: Thirumal Nellutla, CCP

This subcommittee is responsible for defining and developing methodologies for the optimal use of capital for new ventures and proposed projects at key points during the life cycle. Disciplines covered include basic engineering economics, formal economics, probability and statistics, and cost engineering. The subcommittee has four goals: to accumulate, evaluate, and disseminate information regarding the comprehensive appraisal of new ventures and proposed projects and processes for investment return and risk; to define, develop, and integrate techniques used in profitability studies, including lease/buy analysis, life-cycle cost, design and programmatic uncertainty, and project budgeting; to provide a forum for Association members to seek agreement on industry-wide approaches to profitability analysis and standards and the study of new ventures; and to promote the goal of TCM that lies fundamentally in profitability concepts.

Planning & Scheduling Subcommittee

Chair: Jeffrey Milo, PSP

The objective of this subcommittee is to increase planning and scheduling effectiveness through sharing of the latest planning and scheduling techniques and experiences. The subcommittee accomplishes this by developing Recommended Practices (RPs) for planning and scheduling, by providing a forum for the exchange of experience and information, by contributing to advances in state-of-the-art planning and scheduling methods, and compiling information about planning and scheduling.

Program & Project Management Subcommittee

Chair:  --OPEN--

This subcommittee is concerned with the use of skills and knowledge in coordinating the organizing, planning, scheduling, directing, controlling, monitoring, and evaluating of prescribed activities to ensure that the stated objectives of a program, project, manufactured product, or service, are achieved.

Project & Cost Control Subcommittee

Chair: Richard C. Plumery, EVP

Project and cost control focuses on the ability to establish the project baseline, measure project progress, and provide forecasts to complete as it relates to the baseline scope, budget and schedule. This focus includes: 1) the application of procedures to monitor expenditures and performance against progress of projects or manufacturing operations: 2) to measure variance from authorized budgets: 3) develop forecasts and trends: and 4) recommend mitigating strategies that allow for effective action to be taken to achieve minimum costs and/or best value.

The subcommittee has established the following goals: 1) provide a forum for AACE members regarding project and cost control related subject matter; 2) provide resources for reviewing TCM Framework documentation; 3) promote publication in "Cost Engineering" and presentation at AACE Annual Meetings; and 4) complete Recommenced Practices publications.

Value Engineering & Constructability Subcommittee

Chair: James McCuish

The objective of this subcommittee is to promote the implementation of value engineering (VE) techniques. This subcommittee is the focal point for technical VE assistance and for educating AACE members on the subject.


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