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(OTH-2736) Engineering Ingenuity: Garden Design in Desert Climates

Author(s)/Presenter(s): Dr. Caren Yglesias
Time/Location: Tuesday, June 26 from 10:15am to 11:15am / America's Cup AB (4th Floor)


[Level: Basic] The vast Sonoran Desert is adjacent to the coast of California and the city of San Diego. This general interest presentation discusses how to design for outdoor living in areas of drought and intermittent water shortages, such as are found in this region. It examines the survival techniques of wildlife that have ingeniously engineered methods to thrive in environments that appear to be especially hostile to human habitation and land cultivation. Given continuing development and the consequences of climate change, people in many places find that their customary weather patterns, rainfall, and planting zones no longer provide the expected results in the garden. Different building materials and maintenance methods have been shown to reduce operational costs and provide more sustainable landscapes.

Based on years of research on desert garden design and following the recent publication of a book on this topic featuring the award-winning projects of Steve Martino in the Sonoran Desert, Dr. Yglesias presents practical information about desert plants, pollinators, soils, land forms, and water conservation techniques. It concludes with recommendations about better design practices that respect and nurture native habitats and the people who live there.

(OTH-3031) (Presentation Only) Keynote Workshop

Author(s)/Presenter(s): Michael Brenner
Time/Location: Monday, June 25 from 10:15am to 11:15am / Coronado D (4th Floor)

[Level: Basic]

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