Technical Program Schedule

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Wednesday (June 14)

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7:00-8:00 Breakfast
8:00-9:00   RISK-2701 EST-2385 PS-2425 COM-2699 COM-2715 TCM-2503 DEV-2431  
    Risk Dependency Analysis in Complex Projects Benchmarking Project Estimate - A Case Study for Process Unit Jobsite Photography Should Be a Scheduler’s Job Claims and Dispute Resolution Subcommittee Meeting  Transportation SIG Meeting The Economic Effects of a Revenue Neutral Fee on Fossil Fuels Harnessing Leadership Skills in Project Management Exhibitor Showcase
    Paolo Cavanna; Franco Caron; Filippo Fratoni Vijay S. Jambhekar Ronald M. Winter, PSP FAACE John Ciccarelli  Robert H. Harbuck, PE CCP CEP Desmond Orsinelli, PE CCP CEP Biju Jacob TBD
    Advanced Basic Basic Basic Basic Advanced Basic  
9:15-10:15   COM-2712 EST-2525 PS-2427 CDR-2451   TCM-2600 DEV-2502  
    Decision and Risk Management Subcommittee Meeting FPSO Bid, the Delicate Choice of Class of Estimate P6 File Corruption, Part 2 Principles of Mediation – Explained with Case Study   Data Integration for Enterprise Project Control 3 Practical Soft skills for transforming project controls application Exhibitor Showcase
    David C. Brady, P.Eng. DRMP Ousmane Aidara Ronald M. Winter, PSP FAACE; Marina G. Sominsky, PSP Avinash A. Gaikwad   Ochamuke Ejofodomi Rohit Singh TBD
    Basic Intermediate Advanced Basic   Basic Basic  
10:30-11:30     COM-2714 COM-2588 CDR-2387   TCM-2693 COM-2711  
      Cost Estimating Subcommittee Meeting Planning and Scheduling Subcommittee Meeting Claims Management Starts on Day One   Economic Benefits of Green Buildings Utilities and Energy SIG Meeting  Exhibitor Showcase
      Douglas W. Leo, CCP CEP FAACE Hon. Life Jeffrey Milo; Ron Winter Himansu Bhaumik, PE   Dr. Satish B. Mohan; Benjamin Loeffert Anthony M. Woodrich, CCP  TBD
      Basic Basic Basic   Basic Basic  

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